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Why the table have the space in IE?

By Jimmy Chan 1979 ·
Hi all,

I am wonder why it show in Firefox is corrent of the table, but in IE, the right side will add many space between the onMouseOver image, in IE, it show me a wrong layout.

Can anyone teach me how to solve this problems? I want my web site can view by Firefox and IE user.


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looks the same to me

by jdclyde In reply to Why the table have the sp ...

but then, I didn't allow your script to run either so I wouldn't know how it would end up.

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I see your point

by Oz_Media In reply to Why the table have the sp ...

Dreamweaver Browsers compatibility check pointed to an error in the index.css script. I didn't feed it the script to look at it though.

At first I thought it was a table autosize issue, but from what I can see, you have set fixed table widths. It MAY be an issue with text causing the table to resize. Try removing all text from the white space and seeing if it still spans in IE.

I didn't bother looking into your css script but you may find that the settings in your CSS script are overiding your page attributes, this will cause the tables to resize. I would add the entire table and other page elements into you css script and see if you can set the widths properly from there.

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CSS review

by Oz_Media In reply to Why the table have the sp ...

As suspected, it seems the problem is in your CSS stylesheet and it overwrites your page layout.

You have used a few no-compliant commands.

overflow is set to 'inherit' not supported in IE.
Word break is not a supported CSS property for most IE browsers.

You shoudl either build the WHOLE page layout including tables as CSS, or simply remove the added code and let the table format the page for you.

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