Why they need me to sign up first to download a freeware?

By Annylu ·
Hi guys,

I was searching for a freeware network analyzer, I know Wireshark is very good, but I came across one named Capsa Free. When I came to their site to download one, but it asked me to sign up a blank first before I can download it at
Is this secure? And if you were me, will you do it or just give it up?

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Depends on if you want it.

by seanferd In reply to Why they need me to sign ...

I've never heard of it. Wireshark, on the other hand, is well-known and excellent.

Why do they want you to sign up? So they know how many people are interested, etc. Many freeware apps have a registration, not all are required. They may also want to send you advertising occasionally, for which you can always opt out. Nothing is particularly suspect about this. In fact, many freeware/shareware models from the 1990s included a sign up.

Is it secure?

Well, what do you mean by "secure"? Whether or not it is "secure" by any definition you choose, what can someone do with your name and email address which cannot already be done by any person who can use a search engine?

edit: Colasoft is a perfectly respectable company. Again, even if it were not, what could happen by giving them your email address?

Anyway, I just downloaded it. No big deal.

It appears that TR's Rick Vanover likes it, so it can't be all bad, eh?

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