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    Why transformers rather than switch mode power supplies?


    by zhanghuihui189 ·



    I am currently looking for my first low to mid range soldering stations (recommendations welcome). And every teardown I see of Hakko, Weller, Atten, Circuit Specialist, Ersa and any other, they all have 110/220V to 24V transformers. Why? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to use DC-DC converters, as they would be smaller, more efficient, lighter and cheaper (which is comprehensively explained by this SMPS fundamentals: )? especially for the > 60W range.

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      Probably because Designers believe in the KISS Principle

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Why transformers rather than switch mode power supplies?

      The Keep It Simple Stupid is very well understood as it makes better products at a cheaper price to the customers.

      A Switch Mode Power Supply is a Complex Beast with many parts that can and do go wrong so they tend to be not as reliable as a simple Transformer that costs very little is extremly simple and just works.

      I have a Weller Soldering Iron here that is well over 20 years old that works as well today as when it was made. I very much doubt that anything with a Switch Mode PS would have lasted that long without the abuse that this Iron has had over the years.

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