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Why trash still operating hardware?

By laksi ·
I recently bought a new laptop. As things are these days it came with windows vista preinstalled, all I had to do was to add my personal data and things began to run smoothly.

Until... I began to add my peripheral hardware.

First was HP Deskjet5550, in good working condition. HP site read something like "no driver here, but vista will recognize it and will let you print basic printing", which vista did and I can print.

Second came HP Scanjet3400c, it worked under XP and did a perfect job.
HP site: this scanner cannot be operated under vista.
HP support rep: Software for 3400c under vista will not be available.

So what HP tells the world is: Trash your "old" scanner, buy a new one!
Which means: load the world with some more pollution and waste some more resources, because we at HP want to have a better balance sheet.

May be that a clear and loud call from users will update some minds at HP. It is 2009, the world is changing...
Environment does matter!

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"I recently bought a new laptop."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why trash still operating ...

Ordinarily I wouldn't ask this question, regarding it as none of my business. In this case I feel justified in asking, "Why did you trash your old laptop?"

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Wrong assumption, dear Palmetto

by laksi In reply to "I recently bought a new ...

I gave it to a needy boy - he enjoys it.
Next time ... conclusions, you know

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Not a problem.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Wrong assumption, dear Pa ...

Just wondering. Happy to be corrected.

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I'm sure

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Wrong assumption, dear Pa ...

said needy boy could have done with some periphials :-)

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Don't necessarily have to trash the devices

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Why trash still operating ...

I try to donate as much as possible. Schools, charitable organizations, people in need, etc...if you can find a taker for the old equipment, it will lessen the sting of having to buy new stuff.

On the flip side, you can always try downgrading the new laptop to XP, or try a flavor of 'Nix. If you're loathe to change outright, perhaps run XP/Linux in a virtual environment on the laptop??

Lots of way to skin the situation so that you don't contribute to landfills; just need to pick the one that suits you best.

In the future, I'd recommend always spot-checking the MSFT HCL( prior to making a purchase that takes you to a new Windows version.

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Thanks, but I still think...

by laksi In reply to Don't necessarily have to ...

I still think that HP should set up a vista driver.
As for donations, I usually do.
Caring for hazardous landfills in this case is caused by what the majority of people facing such an issue will do, DUMP.
I also think that raising the issue here might turn some rusted bolts at HP head... quarters

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Don't hold your breath!!

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Thanks, but I still think ...

Despite a wretched economy, HP still turned in a $2.3 billion profit in economic Q2 2009. It would take either a substantial grass-roots movement or the intervention by an interested politician (read: someone looking to get campaign funds from HP in order to drop the issue; a move we refer to as 'pulling a Jesse') to get them to bat an eye, unfortunately.

On top of that, I think the ship has sailed for Vista. If it isnt' working now in Vista, you can say hasta la vista to any chance it will. Vendors are already ramping up for Win7.

On the whole, though, I don't disagree with your point. Ideally, there should be a means by which drivers for functioning equipment are made available for a new OS (open the drivers up to the open source community past a certain age, perhaps). Unfortunately, forced obsolescence has become a very successful business model.

I actually knew someone that had bought a package deal through Circuit City years ago with the 'free upgrade to Vista'. Well, the multi-function she bought as part of the package (a Lexmark) wouldn't function properly once the system got upgraded to Vista. WHOOPSY!!

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Not a New Issue / Cost Is the Reason

by TheChas In reply to Why trash still operating ...

Back in 2001, we went through the same set of issues when we transitioned from Windows NT and 98 to Windows XP. Many good but older printers and scanners just would not work with XP.

The issue is NOT the fault of the hardware manufacture. Microsoft changed the way that the OS worked with the hardware and required a different driver design in order for the device to work.

Each manufacture then had to make a choice as to how many of their existing devices would they write new drivers for. Most manufactures write new drivers for old hardware "IF" there are still units out in the field under warranty. It can be reasonably expected that users will migrate this hardware to a new operating system.

Somewhere between out of warranty, and about 5 year old hardware is the point where most companies will not write a new driver.

It can cost thousands of dollars to write, test, and certify a new driver. Each company determines where the cost of driver development exceeds the good will value with customers who are expected to upgrade to the new OS.

While I did not research your printer or scanner, I suspect that both were more than 3 years old when Vista was released. Or at least HP had not actually built them for at least 3 years when Vista was released.

Of course, you can always donate older but functional hardware to any of the computer recyclers that send systems to developing countries.


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Not a New Issue / (Cost) GREED Is the Reason

by laksi In reply to Not a New Issue / Cost Is ...

The financial (alias economic) crisis made it clear for many people that the "diskette has to be replaced".
The Spend, Spend, Spend logo must be replaced by the Save, Save, Save (no) logo.
And maybe save the world as a byproduct.
And I mean "save" at the household level, not cost cuts at the corporate level.

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I laugh (a bit)

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Not a New Issue / (Cost) ...

On the one the one hand you moan about this yet there you sit with the servers, computers and software that if this kind of thing did not exist, most would be out of a job.

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