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why upgrade from XP to Win7?

By Softedge ·
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have read many of the posts here. I am getting a sense that many people see WinXP, Vista or 7 as a destination. Ladies and gentlemen, XP, Vista and 7 are an operating system with the primary duty to provide access to your work tools. I spend, or wish to spend, as little time as possible with the operating system. I want my machine to start instantly, I want the access points to my tools, software, to be directly in front of me and that give me instant access to them. In short the operating system should be transparent. I am not so archaic as to want to go back to Win3.1, however, if the graphical interface is to be modern, it should carry no overhead in doing so. XP itself has too much overhead to accomplish what an operating system should do. I know that some use many of the features I do not, but the option should be made available to load or not to load many of these features, not just to be able to turn them off or on. Windows Vista and 7 add even more redundant features that slow down my access to the tools I need to do my job. Right now XP provides me the most transparent access to my machine and tools; there is no reason to change. Until M$ understands this and provides a tool that is more efficient than XP at accomplishing this task, there will be no need to upgrade. I fully understand that at some point I will be forced to, however, I don't see the requirement in the near future.

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A very well stated description of the major issues with the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to why upgrade from XP to Wi ...

new MS OSs and the situation.

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why upgrade from XP to Win7?

by kal87 In reply to why upgrade from XP to Wi ...


If u feel that u don't need to upgrade then don't. I am also not using Win7 coz It is still not available here and It may be introduced in the month of oct I just heard. But I definitely want to use it because I am used to of Win3 features and Vista is not user friendly. There must be some new features in Win7. I am so curious abt Win7. As u said that u dnt hv any requirement of Win7 bt might be in future you need that so It will be better to take a glance of Win7.

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A reason to upgrade to Win 7 - you have no brains and are very

by Deadly Ernest In reply to why upgrade from XP to Wi ...

easily influenced by marketing campaigns.

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Win7 and its features

by Softedge In reply to why upgrade from XP to Wi ...

I have been watching the development of 7 and am somewhat aware of the new features. M$ has made some moves in the right direction by allowing some features to not be installed, but the overhead in the operating system is still much larger than XP, they have not gone far enough. Some easy things that M$ could do is not change for changes sake. For example the change of location of the access point for tools. If the access point is in the wrong location, then live with the original decision and don't move them; people are used to where they are. Things like languages should be set up on the install. You should be able to pick the languages you want installed, and only those and any reference to them get installed. Drivers for peripherals should be installed from the OS CD. Most of us do not install hardware often enough to have all of that overhead sitting on our machines and the background services constantly looking to see if they have changed. Most drivers come off of the internet anyway. Again, XP is right now the best OS from M$. It does everything I need it to do. It would be better with less overhead, but I will live with that for now.

Linux, is getting closer as an operating system, but it needs a little more growing yet.

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by Oz_Media In reply to why upgrade from XP to Wi ...

The reson I avoided XP was duer to the immense eye candy it was sold on. Win2K was fantastic for me.

However, with more modern times resulting in a wolrd of miltimedia content, Win2K startede leaving me behind. I was eventually forced into Vista mode due to necessity and a broken notebook, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. I had read about what a horrific OS it was with all the added 'fluff'. My new notebook, cheao at that, had 4GB of RAM and a dual core processor, and it ran like a top. Vista had some fantastic new ways you "access my tools" that previous MS operating systems did not. Getting used to the new navigation and file system took a wee bit of patience but is was well worth it. My work life got easier and my day was more efficient.

As an experiment, I downloaded a cracked copy of Win7 and though that while it was great too, it was no great effort over Vista.

The dead housing market put me back on the market myself so I had to give back the Vista box, meaning tine for a new CHEAP notebook. I found a great deal on a Toshiba with Win7 64 bit and WOW, I really mean WOW!!!

Now I have an immensely useful interface that not only allows me easy access to tools but a new way of using them too.

I do a lot of file moving and copying from one part of my drive to another, I run audio editing applications almost 12-14 hours on some days, I render video and graphics too. Win7 has some great tricks to ease this;

Copying from one window to another Normally I would open two windows, resizing them by dragging corners and aligning them so that both fit on the screen, one left and one right. With Win7 they simplify this task a great deal, no matter what window you have open, just grab the taskbar and drag one to the left edge of the screen and let it go, it will resize and SNAP into place and take up exactly one half of the screen. Take the other open window and do the same on the opposite side of the screen and it too SNAPS into place taking up the other half of the screen. Now you have both windows open and exactly sized for drag and drop copying!
NOTE: The snap feature also allows you to drag any window to the top of the desktop and it will autopmtically fresize to full screen without clicking a little X or double clicking (handy for touchpads!)

SHAKE IT UP! Too often I'll have a half dozen or more windows open, all different sizes too. It results in a clutered desktop. With the shake feature, just take your actuve windo you want to work with, again click and hold the active taskbar and shake it ! All teh other windows automatically disappear behind/into it like magic, when I am finished working with that app, I just grab and shake that upper taskbar again and all the previous windows open and fall into their original places again, like magic!

Toolbar preview Unlike earlier versions where the minimized windows allowed a small thumbnail when you hovered the mouse over them, now they minimize right into the quick launch toolbar(VLC, WMP or FF windows for example) leaving less cutter in the toolbar. Each respective icon displays a small bar beside the icon to show how many of that applications windows are minimized. Example, besides teh FF quick loaunch icon, it will show a small vertical bar for each open and minimized webpage. WHen you mouse over the icon, it shows a small thumnail of each open page. As you mouse over the thumbnails, the page displays on the desktop but doesn't lock until you click it. You can also close pages right from the thumbnails instead of viewing and closing each page not needed.

It's a users dream, all the cool improvements i foudf in Vista and more, in a smaller and still even more robust platform with all do-dads and wot-nots active.

I give Win7 a 10:10, they have finally added security, ease of use, stability, compatibility, speed and some poleasant eye candy into an OS that truly is something useful and offers and easier and more productive way to use my tools, not just get to them (which it also does great, thanks to breadcrumbs).
It's kinda like buying a fancy new toolbox loaded with the best power tools.

For those who feel that a cost;y upgrade isn't worth it, that may be true in many cases. However, if in the market for a new PC, I got this notebook for less than $600.00 CAD, 4GB Ram, 512MB GPU, 64bit 2.3GHz dual core Athlon processor, Win7 64bit, LED backlit screen that is just incredible. Again this is an entry level notebook that I work very hard, sometimes 16 or more hours a day.

Win7 is the bomb, I have yet to see a single flaw. I am sure problems will arise over time, bugs will be found, exploits discovered, but that's life when you are the OS in the spotlight.

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Big smile

by santeewelding In reply to Transparency

[Would you believe that just 15 minutes ago I was searching (and failing) in order to PM you -- thinking your absence a matter of foul play?]

Good show, by the way. I am very much, with my own circumstance, into 7, with looming and potentially expensive hardware upgrades.

No sweat. It's a write-off.

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Been travelling again

by Oz_Media In reply to Big smile

I was in Wales for a week with a band, then visisted another band for a release party in Jackson, New Jersey(an etablished band I'd give a nut, either one, to do more work with).

God I love not working for other people but now I have to put my head down, have a really full week of opportunities booked for consideration next week.

But it's been a gas being back at my old routine for a bit, it's nice working with a couple of acts but in order to keep alive you need to work more and more bands which is just way too many headaches to take on full time anymore.

ozmedia {at} excite dot com if ever needed.


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RE: Transparency

by PoppaTab In reply to Transparency

Yes, it is the BOMB! I've found a small bug that just bugs me. I just got a Crucial 4Gb Gizmo flash drive to use as ready boost. Performance center tells me I need to update the drivers! I'm pretty sure the machine usb drivers are up to date! LOL I've got dual channel RAM anyway 2Gb, so there isn't much ready boost can do for me. But, hey it was a good excuse to buy a new toy. I am still dual boot with XP/Win 7pro. I boot into XP every patch Tuesday and can't wait to reboot.

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Replace it

by Oz_Media In reply to RE: Transparency

From wha i know, the Crucial Gizmo is ready boost CAPABLE but only if yuor PC has a fast enough transfer rate to accomodate ready boost, I know most older drives won't work with ready boost at all, the Gizmo should though.

From saying you have 2GB RAM, I assume yuo are running Win732 bit, your max is only 3.5GB with 32 bit OS but you should see SOME minor performance increase by using ready boost for caching.

From a similar issue replied to by Crucial:"I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Gizmo. It sounds like the flash part of the drive has unfortunately developed a fault. The controller portion of the drive continues to function as it shows a drive in windows however it cannot interface with the flash memory so it's a bit like a card reader but with no flash card plugged in. The best thing to do is to contact us to arrange a replacement. Please use the appropriate link below (depending on your location) to set up an RMA:



Good luck, enjoy Win7, I sure as **** am!

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RE: Replace it

by PoppaTab In reply to Replace it

Actually I'm using 64bit Win 7, but I built the machine 3-4 years ago with 32bit XP in mind; I haven't gotten around to maxing out the RAM yet. The Gizmo is being used as cache and W7 says Gizmo and the Nvidia drivers cause slow resume. The machine runs much better on the 64bit OS. I really enjoy Win 7pro. Thanks for the tips.

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