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Why we need to cut more trees and replant to save the environment

By georgeou ·
This is an excellent article from the co-founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore.

To summarize, he says the anti-forestry rhetoric like Leonardo DiCaprio's latest climate-change rant, The 11th Hour is harming the environment.

Moore gives a convincing argument why cutting old trees and replacing them with young trees removes a lot more carbon from the atmosphere. He also argues that it's even more important to remove those that are dying or are already dead because it reduces forest fires which put out massive amounts of carbon. On the other hand a piece of furniture from hundreds of years ago hasn't released any carbon.

Here's a quote:
"To address climate change, we must use more wood, not less. Using wood sends a signal to the marketplace to grow more trees and to produce more wood. That means we can then use less concrete, steel and plastic -- heavy carbon emitters through their production. Trees are the only abundant, biodegradable and renewable global resource."

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Clearcutting not so good

by Dr Dij In reply to Why we need to cut more t ...

this destroys streams, increases runnoff, etc.

And cutting trees near developments increases landslides.

While wood products are a good carbon sink, the tree farms do suck up less carbon than old growth forests (but way more than parking lots :)

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You don't do clearcutting on steep hill sides and near streams

by georgeou In reply to Clearcutting not so good

You don't do clearcutting on steep hill sides and near streams and no one suggested that we do so. You do that on flat lands and you replant in controlled sections of clearcutting and you'll have a new forest there within 10 years pulling out more carbon from the atmosphere.

What you do is remove the dead trees which the eco fanatics won't let us do which is causing massive fires. Then their "let burn" policy massacred the forest when active forest management should have eased us in to a natural fuel state before we revert to a natural "let burn" policy.

Patrick Moore makes a great point about forestry and why it's important to use wood and Hollywood and the eco fanatics just don't get it.

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Two sides to everything, one middle

by Cactus Pete In reply to You don't do clearcutting ...

Old trees have their place in the ecosystem, as much as saplings. Even more so, in some regards.

Old trees are homes for many animals. Dead trees are homes and eventually food for many things, as well.

The only problem with the fires is that people live near the path of the fire. Stop building mansions there are no one cares, right?

The solution is massive cutting and replanting, and it's not forcing people to go without. It's in the middle. Finding the balance between short term human needs and long term world needs is the grail for which we should be looking.

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Fallacy of the false middle.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Two sides to everything, ...

If You say your car is worth 30,000 dollars and I say it is worth nothing, the truth is not 15,000.

It may well be worth 30,000 if it's a brand new higher-end car, it may well be worth nothing if it's been totalled.

The fact that a middle exists does not mean that it is a true value.

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I rationalized it well enough

by Cactus Pete In reply to Fallacy of the false midd ...

In this case, there is a valued middle.

It certainly isn't either extreme.

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I think we can agree that...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to I rationalized it well en ...

some of the environmental policies, such as ludicrous attempts to keep areas "pristine" have led to the massive fires over the last few years.

If you want a REAL education, ask a few firefighters how they feel about the regulations regarding what equipment they can bring in to FIGHT the fires.

When the founder of an organization such as Greenpeace says "hold on, waitaminute", It's a good indication that some of the greenies have gone goonie.

Now, obviously, I am not for turning the world into one giant city either, but we can manage our use of resources in a way that can limit damage or even diminish it.

The simple fact is that had managed logging been allowed in those forests, we wouldn't have the rampant destruction of so many acres over the past decade.

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The world has been just fine

by Cactus Pete In reply to I think we can agree that ...

Fires happened in the past, long before logging happened. What's the difference now?

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to I think we can agree that ...

you didn't have some dumb prick throwing a cigarette out the window while going down the interstate. Or some dumb pyromaniac with a cigarette lighter and gasoline. It is a lot easier to start a fire than it used to be. I would like to see any of the dumba$$es that start most of these fires do it with 2 sticks.

Sorry Loc, I had to say that.

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What is different

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to I think we can agree that ...

is the fact that preservationists clamped down on ALL activity that would have helped the forests be more resilliant...

aside from fires blight is more common these days as well.

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So much has changed...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to I think we can agree that ...

it really doesn't make sense to say nature has always taken care of itself before. Increases in population, technology, needs for protection, needs for use, etc.... have made it where nature has no chance of taking care of itself due to the massive effects upon it from our world today.

The need for a solution is there that can meet the needs of everyone and maintaining a balance, but we are not there yet. Until then all we can do is try to lighten the effects and hope for the best while all work towards a solution.

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