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why we should block INI extension

By eagle6666 ·
Is there any reason why we should block ini extension from our mail server? As we know INI is an initialization file, these files are used by programs to set parameters and preferences. By default, anti-virus software was blocked INI extension. If we open it, what harm it could be affected the system?

please advise!

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by joematus In reply to why we should block INI e ...

The ini files are not executable by themselves so I see no harm in allowing them. Many viruses do chenge ini files but the ini files are only used when a program loads. We do not block them inbound. We do block about 50 file extensions because they are executable. The basic rule in blocking inbound attachments is to not allow them if they're executable such as .exe, .pif, .scr, .bat, .js, and so on.

Hope this helps....

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by brasslet In reply to why we should block INI e ...

Usually when topics like this come up, I ask the question: do my users really have a legitimate need to send or receive files with this extension? If no legitimate need can be identified, then I'd let the program block the files even if I couldn't identify a problem with letting them in.

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by haileyan In reply to why we should block INI e ...

I see no harm in an INI. I only block the following executables.

ADE Microsoft Access Project Extension
ADP Microsoft Access Project
BAS Visual Basic Class Module
BAT Batch File
CHM Compiled HTML Help File
CMD Windows NT Command Script
COM MS-DOS Application
CPL Control Panel Extension
CRT Security Certificate
EXE Application
HLP Windows Help File
HTA HTML Applications
JS JScript File
JSE JScript Encoded Script File
LNK Shortcut
MDE Microsoft Access MDE Database
MSC Microsoft Common Console Document
MSI Windows Installer Package
MSP Windows Installer Patch
MST Visual Test Source File
OCX ActiveX Objects
PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS Program
REG Registration Entries
SCR Screen Saver
SCT Windows Script Component
SHB Document Shortcut File
SHS Shell Scrap Object
URL Internet Shortcut (Uniform Resource Locator)
VB VBScript File
VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
VBS VBScript Script File
WSC Windows Script Component
WSF Windows Script File
WSH Windows Scripting Host Settings File

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by sgt_shultz In reply to why we should block INI e ...

boy that is loaded question. let's say the ini file was for domino/notes. let's say the ini file was just like legit one except in addition it started up the web server which you did not have secured because it was not a problem because you were not normally running it. suddenly you exposed via web. but this is pretty far fetched and i agree that not much harm especially if users need it ini file. they can always rename it or zip it to get past anti-virus, but you knew that. does make me wonder why they are sending them. implies certain technical knowledge. so i might trust 'em more not to get trouble.
i take opposite tack from some: I say don't block unless know it is harmful. usually not black and white either imho. usually weighing probability of trouble vs utility. as i figure i am here to make easier for users not harder as a rule.

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by eagle6666 In reply to

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by eagle6666 In reply to why we should block INI e ...

Thanks for your dedicated time with a quick response! You all helped me make a good judgement.

Cheer! :-)

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by eagle6666 In reply to why we should block INI e ...

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