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    Why we use android?

    by Aabideen Aabideen ·

    I’m enable to understand that why we need or why its necessary to use android?

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      Re: Android

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Why we use android?

      If you buy an iPhone, you have to use iOS. So it’s not necessary to run Android on a smartphone.

      But most other smartphones are sold with Android, and few people take the trouble to install anything else, like an open-source alternative (see ).

      And of course, you can buy a Huawei phone, that comes with Harmony, since they are no longer allowed to use Android .

      So the short answer is: it’s not necessary, but most people accept it. That’s more or less the same as it is with Windows on a PC.

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        Reply To: Why we use android?

        by henrymamarfromuk ·

        In reply to Re: Android

        We use Android for its user-friendly interface, vast app ecosystem, and customization options, catering to diverse user preferences and needs. Additionally, its widespread adoption across devices ensures compatibility and accessibility for a broad user base.

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      Popularity of Android

      by MilesWeb679 ·

      In reply to Why we use android?

      Android is a popular operating system which is installed on world’s 70% smartphone. Take any brand name except Apple, they only use Android OS. It is because the developed operating system supports most mobile applications. Another reason is cost. Android smartphones are cheaper than iOS phones. The investment is low and can be affordable for anyone. In terms of technical aspects, It is an open-source operating system where Anyone can customize the Android Platform.

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      Why we use android?

      by quratulainrehman85 ·

      In reply to Why we use android?

      We use Android for its versatility, widespread availability, and customizable user experience.

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      Why we use android?

      by cassharper030 ·

      In reply to Why we use android?

      it offers two big advantages: choice and customization. There are many phone manufacturers using Android, so you get a wide range of prices and features to pick from. Plus, Android lets you personalize your phone’s look and feel with widgets, launchers, and themes, making it truly your own.

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