Why will my fans on my pc kepep on running?

By zitkat2s ·
I had this issue before. The fans keep running, the light are on. I did not notice any burn marks. When I pust the button on the monitor, it said to push any key to turn on out of the powersafe mode. Ithink it may be my power supply. I do here it running as well. This happened before and I did several things and it worked again. The computer was turning on and working only when unplugging it. I am running windows vista.

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If the only way to get the system to turn off is to

by OH Smeg In reply to Why will my fans on my pc ...

Unplug the Mains Lead the Power Supply is loosing capacitance in the capacitors in it. This means that the Filter Capacitors are failing.

You can use the Antec PS Calculator to work out the size of a replacement Power Supply that you'll require here


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I unplugged

by zitkat2s In reply to If the only way to get th ...

Your informaion is very helpful. I had never replaced a power supply before, but it does not look difficult. It has a dust coating that is thick. I noticed when I took the flashlight to look inside of the PSU. It is a dell computer. The site you gave me is helpful. That computer has had problems since I bought it new from dell. I believe I am doing better on my own in solving the issues. I also want to add another hard drive into the pc. Will that effect the PSU? I am also upgrading to a Nvidia gel force card.

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You go, Katherine

by santeewelding In reply to I unplugged

Take no lip from it. Be careful, also, not to get the Nvidia gel all over everything.

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what's the role of fan in pc

by technocrat25 In reply to Why will my fans on my pc ...

A computer fan is any fan inside a computer case used for cooling purposes, and may refer to fans that draw cooler air into the case from the outside, expel warm air from inside, or move air across a heatsink to cool a particular component. The use of fans to cool a computer is an example of active cooling.

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not advertising your website this time?

by .Martin. In reply to what's the role of fan in ...
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This guy is an utter joke, mate ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to not advertising your webs ...

He's even got to C&P in order to answer a question about a computer fan cooling system.

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While it could be the capacitors, I guess, you might try Dust-off.

by Ron K. In reply to Why will my fans on my pc ...

My computer pick up dust on the CPU and video card's heatsinks and in the power supply. Every so often I have to take a can of compressed air or CO2 and, with my computers turned off/unplugged, **** the crap off of everything. I've read where you should prevent the power supply fan blades from turning while cleaning as it might generate current. I'm unsure of how true that is but I use a toothpick/pencil whatever to hold them just in case.<br>
Everytime that I've cleaned my computers they quiet back down. You might want to do a sniff test on your power supply too. If they're going bad you may be able to smell them. It's a funky, nose-burning, odor.

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by zitkat2s In reply to While it could be the cap ...

I cleaned off all my fans and computer. The PSU does not have an oder. I did notice a lot of dust in the PSU. I would have to take it apart to clean it, well at leat open up the housing. I never did that before.

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DO NOT open the casing of the PSU !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to cleaned

Not if you intend to remain upon this mortal coil for the foreseeable future.

The danger from residual current inside a computer PSU is nowhere near as dangerous as that within an old CRT monitor, but it'll still give your ticker a bit of a jolt.

Best just blast it with compressed air from the safety of the outside.

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Not to mention

by santeewelding In reply to DO NOT open the casing of ...

Your brain cells, eh?

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