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Why will my pc not defrag

By licksgurl ·
I have cleaned my computer and tried to defrag it. For some reasson I am not able to do so it goes up to 1% and goes back to 0. Cna someone please help me what is going on and what can I do?

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Why will my pc not defrag

by TheChas In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

You need to shut down ALL running programs and your screen saver so that nothing attempts to access the hard drive.

Start by checking for and removing "spy-ware from your PC. 1 tool for this is AdAware from

Now, shut down running Windows programs. The simplest way to do this, is to boot into safe mode.

Press F8 when the screen displays Windows is starting. Select Safe Mode from the menu.

Then, shut down any remaining programs.

Start by right clicking on any icons in the system tray (right side of the taskbar) and selecting to close or exit them.

Open task manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del) and shut down any other programs.
You need Explorer as that is your Windows session, and perhaps systray.

Now, run scandisk with the box to automatically fix errors checked and then you will be ready to run defrag.


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Why will my pc not defrag

by Quaint_Data In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

Yes what Chas says is true, safemode will disable all running programs, otherwise run scandisk thorough with auto fix errors first,then run your defrag even let it run all night, if you haven't defragged for a long time it is just moving a lot of programs,as programs are meant to be at the end of your drive it will stop defragging and move them , try unticking both settings and simply defrag with no scan for errors, do you have any antivirus running as well? if so disable it plus any firewalls.Regards Merete

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Why will my pc not defrag

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

If after doing the above you still have problems it could be because the accessable space on the hard drive is less than the 15% most versions of defrag need to run properly. Do not get confused you can have more than 15% unused but not usable, programs such as RESTORE, RECYCLING BIN, and Virtual Memory cause space to be set aside that is both unused and unaccessable.

To reduce RECYCLING BIN space place your mouse on the RECYCLING BIN, right hand click and select Properties from the menue, then select GLOBAL and slide the bar down to 1% instead of the default 10% of HDD space reserved per logical drive.

To reduce the space for RESTORE open the Control Panel, select the System icon and then the System restore tab, select the hard drive in question, click on the Setting button and then slide the bar down to around 200MB to 500 MB, click on OK, click on Apply, then exit using the OK buttons.

If you really know what you are doing you can adjust the amount of virtual memory, but Iusually recommend you leave that alone.

Clean up the drive by openeing My Computer, right hand click on the drive, select Properties, General tab, and activate the button labelled Disk Cleanup, this will allow you to run a wizard that will remove most of the temp files etc.

Reboot the system to have the new setting take effect. If you still don't have enough space then you will have to move some files or folders off the drive.

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Why will my pc not defrag

by jmetz In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

Only a few things might be worth adding to what has already been said, when you boot into safe mode disconnect from the network if you are useing a cable or DSL modem, and look up spybot a very excelent spyware hunter , do read the help files to understand the full capabilites of the program misuse could shut you down or make certain on line activites impossible.

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Why will my pc not defrag

by Devinefv In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

You must make absolutely sure that nothing interupts your system when it does a defrag! Disable you screen-saver[they will interupt the defrag process and make it start over]. Look for other things that may be trying to do something at fixed time intervals. I think you screen saver is causing this! Temporarly disable it to run Defrag...Do Scandisk first before the Defrag!


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Why will my pc not defrag

by jeaster In reply to Why will my pc not defrag

Boot into safe mode, then try running defrag. That way, there are no things running in the background.

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