Why will none of my PC inputs work?

By nps6724 ·
When I turned my PC on, my wireless USB mouse and keyboard would not work. I tried using a PS/2 keyboard and it will work to get into BIOS but once Windows begins booting, the NumLock light goes off and it doesn't work. I also tried a wired USB keyboard, same result. I tried booting into Safe Mode and same result. I have tried hooking up the USB keyboard into the front USB ports and to a USB hub that has been plugged into the front and the back USB ports, same result. When it boots to Windows (I have it set to auto login), it doesn't recognize any of my other inputs that I can tell (USB hub, printer, external hard drive, etc.).

I'm beginning to think the only solution is to slave my hard drive on another machine to save the data. Any solutions/ideas/shots-in-the-dark out there?

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You'll need to help us here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why will none of my PC in ...

What is nothing working on here?

What Hardware and OS is in use and probably more importantly what's been changed just before this started happening?

With most Linux Systems this shouldn't happen because the Kernel is rebuilt with every reboot so it can only happen if some new hardware has been fitted that has a Incompatibility and causes the M'Boards Ports to stop working.

If you have some form of Windows involved here it's way too difficult to even attempt to start answering as the different flavors all have different ways of doing things. I don't have the time to type in several hundred pages of possibilities that in all livelihood will be a waste of your time to read.


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I'm using

by nps6724 In reply to You'll need to help us he ...

Windows XP SP3. Nothing was changed before it occurred.

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i would

by PC-guru In reply to Why will none of my PC in ...

run a windows repair, you would lose your desktop and your my documents files but all else would be intact

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Drivers Issue?

by devtrends.com In reply to Why will none of my PC in ...

Recently I had a workstation that would not recognize any devices either, which included the keyboard and mouse. BIOS worked just fine.

Because we use a standardized image, our resolution was to reimage the machine. However, to access the desktop I used remote desktop. The issue this copy of Windows XP was having was that it thought all drivers were unsigned, including all of the provided Microsoft drivers. Therefore, any new device would not be automatically installed at the signin screen - instead, once I used remote desktop, Windows started asking me to allow a huge list of device drivers that needed to be installed.

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I remoted in

by nps6724 In reply to Drivers Issue?

and it installed my wireless USB mouse and keyboard when I plugged them in but they still didn't respond. It said there was a malfunction and I should try to plug it in again; same result. I plugged in a flash drive and when I opened My Computer, it would show up then disappear over and over. I'm wondering if that means it may be the power supply?

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Actually in that case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I remoted in

It sounds as if you need to reinstall the USB Drivers first before attempting the WiFi Mouse & Keyboard.

When you remoted in what was being shown in Device Manager?


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Everything is named either

by nps6724 In reply to Actually in that case

Universal Host Controller (4 of those), Enhanced Host Controller (1) or USB Root Hub (5). Nothing in Device Manager has the question mark on it.

I uninstalled the wireless mouse and reinstalled it from the CD and it still didn't work after restarting. The receiver doesn't light up at all.

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Well I would try deleting all of the USB Devices listed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Everything is named eithe ...

And then shutting down the system and allowing it to install the Default USB Drivers when it restarts. Just wait for it to finish installing the New Hardware that it finds when it restarts and see if it works then.

If it doesn't I personally would be looking at doing a In Place Install of the OS and getting the thing fixed and not wasting any more time on it.



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