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Why Windows 8?

By macmax28 ·
As we all know , We have Apple, Windows and Linux , Windows has been leading the market since the late 80's. People, we have come to a time where Apple (Macintosh) is gonna lead from now on, Let me explain! Apple has been devellopping new things that have change our life .Things that are positive , fun , proud of, compare to windows who as been for the last 12 years since windows 2000, since then , the company as realised we can make millions by creating new operational software, some/few that were completely a waste of money and time for cosumers, Windows changing the whole picture arround by creating this unfriendly look and features ! lets remember That is why Apple is Making its place. ask yourself why get a PC when you can get a MAC? heres a good reason why? since 2000 windows as came out with Win 2000-winMillennium-Win XP-WinVista-Win7 and windows 8 and all in between. Take all that money that you spend on anti-virus and Operating software , you could have bought yourself a MAC for the people that will say , they cost too much! want an example give a computer mac or windows to a kid with min experience and we can bet within min your Windows computer will not be working the same!!! why? because Windows was designed user friendly! whichthey dont know what friendly IS! for people who has never experience and apple product !ITs different! For those people that play alot of games i can agree that windows is they way but i also know that the top games like WoW can be played on a Apple computer and it looks and plays wonderful and for all the other games , Thats why they invented gaming consoles! Thats all i had to say for now! Thanks

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I disagree

by Slayer_ In reply to Why Windows 8?

The closed environment is something many serious gamers are not interested in.

And Incidentally, the serious gamers also spend the most money, this is a lucrative group to target and game companies know this.

Apple computers (so far) require beefier systems to get the same frame rates as Windows. And Linux seems to give even better frame rates according to Valve. If we wait a few months, as right now they are beta testing, we will probably get some solid results and find out if Linux really is faster than Windows.

If you browse the system requirements for PC vs Mac, you will frequently notice that the Mac requires a generation or two newer video cards to run the game.

This might change as OpenGL becomes more popular (hopefully it will). But then, those serious gamers will shift to Linux to get the higher frame rates.

I have also seen some other funny problems in Macs that you don't usually see in PC's, the Macs are overheating, games are using too much graphics power and the chips are running hot and heating the surrounding board. Up till now, most Mac users only ever did short spurts of hard work, thus preventing heat buildup. Serious hard working Macs were usually desktops.
Apple might one day solve this, but so far, they seem to be going in the opposite direction (look at the probook being the same size as the Air)

So to answer your question, Why Windows 8?
Because if you want to run windows programs, you have to have Windows, and MS only sells Windows 8 to consumers (You need an MSDN account for other OS's). So you can buy it, or you can sit in the corner and read a book (paperback, no e-readers for you!)

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Looks like somebody took a wrong turn...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Why Windows 8?

and ended up on the TR Expressway instead of the ZDNet Subway!

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Don't feed the trolls. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why Windows 8?

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