Why wireless internet dropping?

By one9ooh6 ·
I am interested in gathering feedback as to why my wireless internet connection continues to drop from time to time. It's a sporadic disconnection. Any thoughts?

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Many possibilities

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why wireless internet dro ...

Things like Cordless Phones, Remote Controls, Ballasts in Fluro Lights, Microwave Ovens can cause WiFi Links to drop out in a odd way.

Or at least not easily repeatable manner.

Wireless Communication is subject to many things that can and do interfere. For instance one place that I looked at had a Cab Office down the road and their Communication System tot he Cabs caused the WiFi to be constantly overridden and dropped.

Then things like the Signal Propagation from the WiFi Base Station Aerial can be involved. You need to understand that all Wireless Signals are directional and where they are directed depends on the way that the Aerial was designed to work.

Then what surfaces have you got between the WiFi Base Stations and what you are using many metallic surfaces or wires can interfere with the WiFi Signal.


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Why wireless internet dropping?

by ExEC135CrewDog In reply to Why wireless internet dro ...

Actually, only antenna types that are specifically labeled as directional are indeed directional. These usually come in the form of a dish or flat panel array. Routers or other radios that have either no visible antenna, or have one or more 'whips' mounted on the transceiver are omni-directional and radiate in all directions save straight up or straight down. The radiant lobes of the signal emits from the major antenna surface, not along the surface. Otherwise , great answer, especially the part about the other oft-everlooked emitters such as cell phones, leaky microwaves, *other people's* routers, etc.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why wireless internet dro ...

I'll agree that the Whip's are supposed to be Omni-directional but to the person who doesn't fully understand the way that Radio Propagates that term is a bit misleading.

Michael Kassner had a great piece here a while ago about the different ways that Radio Signal propagate from different types of aerials but right at the moment owing to site issues it's not findable or I would have provided a link to it.


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Agree with Oh Smeg

by markp24 In reply to Why wireless internet dro ...


I agree with Ohsmegs post, most likly interference with another device .

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