Why won't a dvd player recognize that a dvd is in the machine?

By pjsnyder7082 ·
I've had several questions over the last few weeks about why the computer I'm working on boot from the recovey disks (HP Compaq Presario running Vista)when it will boot from an Windows XP disk.

After much time and lots of money, I have it figured out. The DVD player doesn't know it's a DVD player. That's why it booted the Windows XP (CD) and not the recovery disks (DVD).

So I got a brand new Genuine Microsoft Vista Home Premium DVD put it in the machine and tried to boot it from the machine and it didn't work. So I tried to open the disk from the computer in question (it had Windows XP on it at this time), and the optical drive flashed for a while and ejected the disk and told me to put a disk in. A light bulb went off at this point. I looke for a few more programs I had on DVD and tried them and they didn't work. I put in a CD and it works.

My question at this point is: (because I don't want to pull the machine apart to get the DVD player out to check it) are there jumpers on the DVD player that would make it think it's just a CD player? Is there drivers needed to tell it it's really a DVD player? What mental health issue could a DVD player acquire that would make it think that it's a CD player?


Oh, btw, after I got Vista installed on the computer in question, I tried copying the recovery disks on the D partition that I made when I installed Windows XP, and there still didn't seem to be a file that would cause the recovery to execute so I kept the Microsoft version of Vista on the machine.


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This may or may not help

by Jacky Howe In reply to Why won't a dvd player re ...

it's a pity that this didn't come to light a bit earlier. It sounds like the DVD laser-lens has given up, you can try cleaning it or replacing the unit.

Optical Drive Cleaning
When you are cleaning a CD or DVD drive, there are two things that generally need to be cleaned - the tray and the lens. Cleaning the tray is simple - take some glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, apply it to a cloth, and rub the tray until it is clean. Leave it open for a moment until the tray has dried, and then you're done. To clean the actual lens, you will have to go out and purchase a CD drive cleaning kit for tray-based CD players (they have different ones for caddy and auto feed drives - if you have one of those you will need a cleaning kit specifically for that type). Follow the directions on the box to clean the drive. Generally this involves applying some fluid to the bogus CD (which conveniently has a brush on it) and allowing the drive to spin up (making this one of the few cleaning operations that needs to be done when the computer is on).

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RE: are there jumpers on the DVD player that would make it think

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why won't a dvd player re ...

No there a are not but there are two different Wavelength or color Lasers involved here. One is used to read CD's and the other to read DVDs if a Disc is constantly left in the dive and it's not used the Drive continues to read that Disc and as a result the LED that generates that Wavelength Laser eventually fails so that type of Disc whatever it is becomes unreadable by that drive.

Your only repair here is to replace the DVD Drive. :)


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by brandon.miller In reply to Why won't a dvd player re ...

With all the time and hassle you seem to have gone through you could easily just purchase a replacement DVD Burner.


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