Why wont my computer connect to any of the password protected WiFi it know?

By slickh2o ·
My laptop after traveling will only connect to unsecured networks, all of the secured networks that I used to log into no problem before are now just saying "windows is taking longer than usual to connect to this network" and then times out and asks for security word again.

I have changed the router settings from another computer on the networks from secured to unsecured and back and this comp will only connect when it is unsecured. all other comps connect no problem to the same networks.

I believe I may have pick up a computer cold or Computer transmitted disease of some sort.

any help on this matter would be great, I am running a virus scan now but nothing so far.

Thank you

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Well have you checked that you still actually have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why wont my computer conn ...

The Known WiFi Log On Details setup?

If that's OK what OS are you using here as well as what Anti Virus Product do you have installed?


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Reponse To Answer

by slickh2o In reply to Well have you checked tha ...

I have added and deleted the wifi log entry and tried changing the type of encription on the router from wpa2 through wep and it only connects when it is completely open.

I am on vista.

It was just all of a sudden, I was in a few hotels and had to connect to their stuff but I didnt mess with any settings for any of the other APs

Avast for antivirus

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I experienced that too.

by Florante In reply to Why wont my computer conn ...

My laptop anti-virus one time blocked me from connecting to WIFI broadcaster once. But I just restart my laptop and check the available nodes for the WiFi and it turned out to be fine.

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