Why won't my computer connect wirelessly?

By Please Help Tiffany ·
I have a gateway model mx6920 laptop that I purchased some years back. I have never quite been able to connect wirelessly with it.

Initially, when I would enable my wifi, I would be able to find networks and connect. However, after about fifteen minutes, the connection would drop and no networks would be found. If I restart my computer, it will work again, but also only for fifteen minutes or so again.

Now, it seems as if it won't connect at all. It will find networks, but it won't connect. I've tried connecting to my security enabled router at home (which it says that I am putting in the wrong key) and I've tried connecting to unlocked networks. But it simply won't connect.

I sent my computer in twice to gateway, but they never fixed anything. I couldn't keep going a week without my computer. I have no idea why it won't work, but wifi is what I was really looking forward to in a laptop.

I have windows xp, the media center edition. I don't know much about adapters, networks or network cards. All I know is that I am tired of using a 25 inch ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the internet in my living room.

Any help in guiding me through the process of fixing this problem would be sincerely appreciated.

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three things

by SystemCheck In reply to Why won't my computer con ...

check for viruses, download and run winsockxp, if all fails purchase a new gigbyte nic card, install then report back

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What is a gigbyte nic card?

by Please Help Tiffany In reply to three things

What is a gigbyte nic card? Do you think its a virus even if its been like this since I first purchased it?


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NIC Card

by patb071 In reply to three things

What would purchasing a NIC card do to help a problem with the wireless connection? If purchasing anything i would say a new wireless adapter.

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by Please Help Tiffany In reply to NIC Card

Thats what I think I'm going to do!


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TechRepublic Consumer Help Desk

by CG IT In reply to Why won't my computer con ...

Sorry but you do not provide enough information about your problem where a suggestion on how to fix your problem can be made.

Please provide more information such as what steps you have already taken to resolve your problem.

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I haven't tried very much

by Please Help Tiffany In reply to TechRepublic Consumer Hel ...

What specific information can I provide you with? I haven't taken very many steps, because again, I don't know much about it. I did go to the gateway website to download a driver.

I downloaded and installed:

D00576-001-002.exe - Intel Network Driver w/Proset version

That didn't help.

Then I tried this driver:

D00516-002-001.exe - Marvell Network Driver Version:

That didn't help. As a matter of fact, it was after I downloaded and installed those drivers that I could no longer connect to any available network at all.

I uninstalled those, because they didn't help and then I went to the intel website to update my software.

I installed:

Newer Intel? PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

That did not help. I think I'm decent when it comes to using a computer, but I know nothing about the hardware, or how to fix a computer.

Besides sending it in to gateway, that's about all I've tried. Any other information I can provide you with that could help you to help me, please let me know.


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TechRepublic Consumer Help Desk

by CG IT In reply to I haven't tried very much

To install the correct drivers for the wireless network card in the Gateway computer, you have to know what wireless network card is in your computer. Gateway products have part numbers and that includes network cards. So you need to know the part number of the wireless network you have to install the correct drives for that card. To find that out, you need to physically look at the network card and obtain the part number. Since by your admission, you don't have much experiece ie your a consumer with very limited knowlege of computers, my best suggestion is to send it in to Gateway or take it to your nearest Best Buy and have them fix it.

note: From the Gateway driver download web site.

If you have the Intel wireless network card part # 1009030, and are running Windows XP, you download and install Intel network driver

If you have the Marvell wireless network card part # 1009031, and are running Windows XP, you download and install Marvell drivers

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Why won't my computer con ...

at first i thought it was a power setting maybe. by default laptops are configured to turn off network cards when not in use to save power.

Then you said it stopped working at all... I would replace the wifi card... if you are unsure how to do this take it to your local PC workshop or you could buy an external... people argue that they are not as effective but for basic needs you shouldn't notice a difference.

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How does an external work?

by Please Help Tiffany In reply to hmm

I have considered purchasing something external. I just wasn't sure how they work. I wanted to buy like one of those wireless usb plugs from Sprint. However, I wasn't sure if those devices simply provided a wireless signal that I could use to connect to the internet (which would mean my wifi would have to be intact to use it) or if they actually provided me with the connection.

Any clarification or thoughts on this?


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Device Driver

by patb071 In reply to How does an external work ...

In device manager have you tried "Uninstalling the device driver"? It will uninstall and then after a reboot the drivers will install automatically. if that doesn't work than you will you should buy a wireless network card. (i prefer a PCMIA card if you don't have that slot a usb one will work). Also are you paying Gateway For Repairs? If so i recommend taking it to a local repair shop.

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