Why won't my Dell Latitude D500 finish booting up?

By weigm ·
I came in yesterday morning and started up my Dell Latitude D500. It does the initial post and I can get into Setup or the Boot screen, but as soon as it tried to boot up Windows XP, all I get is a blinking line in the upper right corner. It never starts Windows XP at all. I ran the diagnostics and the only error it gave was 4E36:0852 Msg: Permanent battery failure detected. The laptop gets to the same point each time whether I have the power adaptor plugged in or I am booting from battery. I go into the setup and it looks like all the CMOS settings are correct. I thought if the CMOS battery was dead that those settings would be lost. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of what could be causing this?

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Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why won't my Dell Latitud ...

If not try pressing and holding down the F * Key when the POST Screen Appears till you get a White on Black screen with the different Options to Boot XP.

If that doesn't work a Repair Install following the directions here should sort out the problem.


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Booting in Safe Mode

by weigm In reply to Have you tried booting in ...

The bootup process never gets as far as loading Windows. Pressing the function keys, do nothing. I did do a reinstallation of XP yesterday and still I get only the blinking underline in the top right corner of the screen. I've also run chkdsk from the recovery console off the XP install CD and it said if found and fixed some errors. However, it still does not go any further than the initial post. Safe Mode will not come up.

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So the XP install finished the process did it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Booting in Safe Mode

If it did you seem to have something more seriously wrong here but with hardware issues I have never seen a Windows Install complete. They generally fall over part way through the process.

Maybe you could grab a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

And test things like your HDD, RAM and so on but I really would be looking for a software issue here causing Windows not to load. You may need to remove the HDD from this system fit to a suitable USB Enclosure and copy off your Data then wipe it and reload.


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The plot thickens

by weigm In reply to So the XP install finishe ...

Well. Up until I did a reboot to load the Ultimate CD, I was able to boot with a CD, at least the XP Installation CD. Now, when I start the Boot menu and choose the CD, it goes to the same blinking cursor in the top left corner. I have ordered an adaptor to hook up to the hdd and plan to do that today. However, it is beginning to look like a hardware problem to me. What do you think?

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Certainly sounds like it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The plot thickens

But try this,

Remove the NB Battery, Unplug the Mains Adapter and press the On Switch for about 30 seconds. Then plug in the Mains Adapter and see if it starts now.

If it does the Capacitors on the M'Board are going off and I wouldn't bother messing with it any more. It's too expensive to change the M'Board.


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Permanent battery failure.

by seanferd In reply to Why won't my Dell Latitud ...

Well, you could get a new battery.

You could also try removing the battery, then using only the ac adapter.

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Permanent Battery Failure

by weigm In reply to Permanent battery failure ...

I'm wondering if this Permanent Battery Failure error is related to the laptop battery that is easily removed or the CMOS battery. I have taken the laptop battery off and that doesn't seem to change the outcome.

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