Why won't my IBM Server turn on?

By NTidd ·
I've got an IBM eServer P5 (type **11-520) that will not power up. I've got both power supplies hooked up, the LCD screen is on and an amber color. It only scrolls through some hexedecimal values but it never actually boots. We don't have a monitor to hook up to this as there is no VGA ports. We just needs to get some data off from it.

Is there something else that needs to be hooked up to it for it to actually power on and boot other than the power and a network cable?

Thanks all for the help!

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by oldbaritone In reply to Why won't my IBM Server t ...

Depending on POST options, it may be set to halt on Keyboard error.

Best bet, put a basic VGA card in it(the $5 kind, a cheapo), hook up a Keyboard, Video and Mouse to it and try to boot then. If it doesn't boot, you'll be able to read the error message. Without it, it's just a box and you can't tell what's wrong. Pull some junk from your boneyard and put in enough to get it booted, then set it back to RDP after you get it running again.

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