why wont my laptop connect to the internet?

By frustrated08 ·
monday night i was on the internet just fine. then on tuesday, the computer said no OS. so i reinstalled WinXP. then the computer wouldnt even acknowledge the wireless internet chip. had to take it to the shop where i found out that there were no drivers. so they installed the drivers and said that should work. so i go home and yet still no internet. I am at a loss (and very frustrated). please please can somebody help.

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This thing; this computer, you have

by santeewelding In reply to why wont my laptop connec ...

Is a tad more involved than a toaster oven, as you found out with the chip and the drivers.

Maybe the first place to start is this "internet" thing. Where had you been and what were you doing?

After that, the reinstallation -- was it a retail, full-blown DVD? A recovery disc? What?

What, also, is this "computer"?

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Other bits aside for the moment,

by seanferd In reply to why wont my laptop connec ...

you have to configure your connection. None of the old information is there - you reinstalled. So, now you have to use the Network Setup Wizard to connect to your router or modem so you can have internet access.

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Did you check the hard drive?

by TobiF In reply to why wont my laptop connec ...

The "No OS" could have been the result of something deleting everything on your computer.

But it could also be due to some problems with your hard drive. Before going much further, I'd suggest that you check the hard drive for any problems. Why bother installing and configuring everything if the hard drive will fail every Tuesday?

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laptop drives . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Did you check the hard dr ...

are extremely resilient at hiding the fact they are failing

I just rebuilt a friends notebook that was actually still running,
it just ran really slow at times
we figured it was the Low RAM it had which was only 512MB RAM (for XP that's low)

then we checked for all sorts of other problems ie. malware, etc.

then we finally decided to check for HDD problems,
Bingo, SMART Data reporting:
- 1 sector never found
- over 100 re-allocated
- and testing repeatedly, revealed more re-allocations taking place each time

I also received a used notebook with the 5 year old drive still in it
SMART Data reporting over 11,000 re-allocations / sectors removed from use etc.
and yet the system still booted and ran with no problems

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