why wont my new hard drive show up in my computer?

By zack247 ·
Today i got a brand new 500gb sata hard drive made by western digital. it is the wd caviar blue.
i am currently running windows 7 off of an ide hard drive paired up with my dvd rom drive, since my computer has only one ide socket. i got a new hard drive, and i plugged it in and started the computer. it got recognized in the bios, and windows installed the drivers for it, but why wont it shopw up in my computer? in the bios i can set it to "ide" "raid" or something else. i have plugged it into all of the sata sockets and have tried two sata cables but no luck.

my specs are:
-intel d945gtp desktop motherboard
-256mb ati radeon x700 se pcie graphics card
-2gigs of ram in 4 slots
-1 20gig maxtor ide hdd
-1 dvd/rw ide drive
-intel pentium d processor
-350w power supply

why wont it show up in my computer? plese help me!

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That something else

by Michael Jay In reply to why wont my new hard driv ...

may be native mode or compatibility mode, set it as such in the BIOS and see what happens.

Also can you see anything in the disk manager?

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Yup. Drive management.

by seanferd In reply to That something else

Probably needs to be partitioned and formatted.

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you were right

by zack247 In reply to Yup. Drive management.

i didn't know how to do inside of windows, so i just used my winxp cd and cancelled the setup after it partitioned the drive. it has shown up in my computer and i can use it now.


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Interesting workaround

by Michael Jay In reply to you were right

to access the disk manager, right click on my computer, select manage click disk management, this will show all of your drives and their status.

I mentioned it in my first post, should have offered more info.

Good to see you got it going.

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Oops Win 7

by Michael Jay In reply to Interesting workaround

it is the same only different, in explorer right click on computer, then manage, then disk management.

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by QASIMARA In reply to why wont my new hard driv ...
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by seanferd In reply to because.。
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The drive isn't showing up because it needs to be Formatted

by OH Smeg In reply to why wont my new hard driv ...

Open Disc Management and right click on the new Drive. From the Drop Down Menu left click on the Format Option.

After that it will show in both My Computer and Explorer.


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just in case...

by zack247 In reply to The drive isn't showing u ...

seanferd said it needed to be partitioned, so i used my winxp cd and quit the setup after the partition manager. it showed up in my computer and now i can use it.

but how exactly do i get to the disc management?

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With 7 it's a little different and as I don't have one here at the moment

by OH Smeg In reply to just in case...

I'm not really sure but with XP you open the Control Panel switch to Classic View and then open Administrative Tools, then when the next window opens left click on Computer Management. Wait till the next window opens and then left click on the left hand side Drive Management.

7 is something similar even if you don't have the classic View option and fart fewer options. As I'll not be in for the rest of today I'll post the full directions or you could just look here.


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