Why won't my PC boot/Power on.

By dollahid ·
I just Pieced together a new gaming PC. After assembling all the parts, it won' power on. Nothing no lights, no sounds, nothing. Just a guy sitting there, pressing a Any ideas where to start? I assume withe testing the power supply...But, how? Multi-meter? Test the 24 pin connector?

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Many mobos have a status it on?

by robo_dev In reply to Why won't my PC boot/Powe ...

Sometimes the motherboard gets shorted to the case. Be sure you use the correct plastic stand-offs. Sometimes you need to add a piece of electrical tape onto the mobo if the case has something metal sticking up.

First thing to try is to take mobo out of case, remove memory and all cards, unplug all drives. Connect power supply and short power switch pins on mobo.

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No plastic stand offs.

by dollahid In reply to Many mobos have a status ...

I didn't install these, or the riser screws. I just realised this. DO you think I fried my motherboard?

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Probably did not hurt anything

by robo_dev In reply to No plastic stand offs.

sometimes it's OK to ground parts of the MOBO to the case, but for some parts it's not OK.

I bet you $5 if you take the mobo out of the case it boots right up.

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So when you pulled the M'Board from the case did it work?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why won't my PC boot/Powe ...

If it did make sure to correctly fit it to the case and most importantly make sure that the Mounting Hardware is actually under Holes in the M'Board.


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