Why wont my speakers work

By Stevetyler ·
Hi on my home pc my speakers will only work through the headphone socket on the front of my pc and not the speaker socket on the back. For some reason this leaves the volume control on the speaker redundant, which can be quite a problem when my kids are on it. Any ideas as to what the problem is? I'm running win xp pro btw.

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by billy6568 In reply to Why wont my speakers work

Did you Re-configure the audio? If using Real tech, there is use front audio selection.

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Re: Audio

by Stevetyler In reply to Audio

Hi we have recwntly bought this pc 2nd hand and has been like it since we bought it. Never heard of real tech, and never done anything with the audio.

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by patb071 In reply to Re: Audio

Are you sure the speaker is plugged into the right port? (which color). Also have you tried going to the device manager and uninstalling the driver?

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Speakers won't work if headphone is plugged

by LarryD4 In reply to Why wont my speakers work

I am posting what to most is the obvious, but just wanted to make sure.

Most PCs that detect a headphone plugged in to the jack on the front of the PC, will automatically disable the jack in the back.

And then when you unplug your headphones it should re-enable the speaker jack in the back.

Have you kept your headphones plugged in?

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Volumen Control

by SPC_TCOL In reply to Why wont my speakers work

Even if you plug your speakers in the front, you still can use the volumen control of the speaker, this is the least problem.
Is the plug in the back for the speakers on the motherboard, or do you have an extra sound card?

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