why wont my wireless router work with both computers at the same time?

By cdavi07 ·
I have my Linksys wireless router hooked up to my dell desktop so I can have my dell laptop to work wireless. When were using both computers the internet connection times out and looses connection. To reset the connection i have to turn the power off to my modem and router then it works again. This happens mostly when were using both computers(internet) at the same time, but it happens several times during the day. Linksys says they can fix the problem for a $40 fee, but i dont want to pay them for it to just happen again. Does anyone know how to fix my problem? Thank You. My desktop is windows xp and my laptop is vista :)

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Now lets see if I am reading this correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why wont my wireless rout ...

Your Internet is as follows a Modem connected to a Desktop system which then connects to a WiFi Device and you are then attempting to use this to allow a WiFi Connection to a NB right?

When you setup the Original Internet Connection how did you configure this?

With the XP System you need to run the Network Setup Wizard and tell it that it connects directly to the Internet and other computers on the Network connect through it. Also enable File & Printer Sharing if this is required and then finish the Network Setup Wizard.

Open your Linksys WiFi Network Interface or if you don't have the HTTP address of it use the CD that came with the device to configure the Linksys Router correctly.

Then open your NB and run the WiFi Setup Wizard to connect to the WiFi Access Point. The only draw back with this is that you'll need your Desktop running to allow the NB to connect to the Internet.


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The way I understand this..

by Choppit In reply to why wont my wireless rout ...'re using your desktop system to share your internet connection and router is used purely as an AP. If so, is there any reason why you're not using the router as your gateway device?

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Need more details please

by markp24 In reply to why wont my wireless rout ...

Hi I agree with the 2 prior posts, We need some clarification on the setup. Does the PC have 2 NIC's and one goes to the ISP modem and the other go to the Linksys router and the linksys router has a wireless connection to the laptop?
is the linksys router connected to the ISP's modem (via ethernet cable) and the Laptop and Desktop are both connecting to the linksys router via wireless connection.

or is it connected in another way?

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