Why won't Outlook 2007 show send/receive progress window when I send email?

By paulosborne ·
when I hit send receive, outlook 2007 shows me a progress window with all of the tasks, but when I just his "send" from within an email, I don't get the progress window. This means if a send fails, I don't get to know about it unless I notice the tiny warning in the bottom right corner.

Pinning the window doesn't help, because that just keeps it open, but in the background. I want it to pop up like it does when I hit send/receive. I have also already unchecked "Don't show this dialogue box during send/receive"

Any settings I can use?

Outlook 2007 running on Windows 7

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Slightly different things

by TobiF In reply to Why won't Outlook 2007 sh ...

Clicking the "Send" button (Or, in my case, hitting ctrl+enter) will put your message into the "Outbox". This means that now the message is queued for sending. Depending on your settings, Outlook may automatically try to forward this message to the server. This delivery usually happens in the background, just like you describe.

When the message has been successfully handed over to the server, it will be deleted from your Outbox. Depending on your settings, it will either be deleted, or copied to "Sent mail".

When Send/receive happens automatically (after submission of emails or at timed regular intervals) it is done in the background. There will be some action down in the status bar, though, if you have it visible. And if you double-click that part of the status bar, then the synchronization progress window will pop up in the foreground.

However, if you force a send/receive by clicking the corresponding button (or, in my case, hitting ctrl+m) then the synchronization window will be visible during the synchronization.

I think the reason for this behavior is obvious. Synchronization happens all the time. You'd get crazy in less than a day, if Outlook would pop up a progress window into the foreground every time a synchronization happens.

I suggest you make sure the status bar is visible. It will show you whether you have contact with the outer world, or not.
Also: Keep an eye at the Outbox. If you see a digit next to the folder name, then something is still stuck in it.

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