Why won't Ubuntu 10 running side by side with win 7 autodetect wireless?

By edean65 ·
I have a DELL STUDIO 1555 late model laptop. I have used the windows installer for Ubuntu to install Ubuntu as a second OS beside Windows 7 on this machine. Ubuntu comes up fine, but it will not autodetect the existing wireless internet connection coming from my NETGEAR router. Opening a TERMINAL instance in Ubuntu and issuing the command "sudo lshw -c network" reveals that, under Ubuntu, the wireless network is disabled. Searching Ubuntu help offers only a possible hint to the problem: if a ethernet wired connection is available, it will be used by default. My question is: how can I get wireless up and running under Ubuntu 10 in the configuration on this machine? (Under this configuration, I have been starting the laptop and choosing Ubuntu as the OS to start rather than WIN7-- I have not tried to run Ubuntu in its own WIN 7 window after WIN 7 loads. I have assumed that it's not supposed to work like that).

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I read somewhere

by TobiF In reply to Why won't Ubuntu 10 runni ...

that Ubuntu, out of the box, may lack some useful drivers.
You could try if a linux mint bootdisk will recognize the network and then check what driver it is using.
(Mostly guesswork, though, since I've limited experience with Linux)

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Identify the device.

by seanferd In reply to Why won't Ubuntu 10 runni ...

You can even look in Windows Device Manager if it is easier. Go to the vendor's site (and/or the system vendor's site) and download the Linux driver for the wireless card. Or have a look for said driver in the repository.

If the driver isn't missing, you probably just need to enable the wireless. Could even be a power management setting, seeing as this is a laptop.

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Request for Clarification

by edean65 In reply to Identify the device.

Ubuntu Linux help does mention that a driver is needed. Do I need to look in Linux somewhere to see if the driver is installed? I'm new to Linux and don't know where to look just yet. (Wireless comes up in Win 7 just fine, and the device manager shows that the card is operating properly, and that it has a Win 7 driver. It's when I switch to linux that the card shows up as disabled.)

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The easy answer...

by dldorrance In reply to Why won't Ubuntu 10 runni ...

If you want Ubuntu but not the hassle involved with open source drivers which don't work when you need them to, then consider Mint Linux. Mint has Ubuntu under the hood with some proprietary drivers that work, plus a GUI which looks familiar to Windows users.

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Here's How I Fixed the UBUNTU Wireless Internet Autdetect...

by edean65 In reply to Why won't Ubuntu 10 runni ...

My DELL STUDIO 1555 has two OS installed on it: UBUNTU 10.4 and Windows 7. In my configuration, Windows 7 was the first OS installed and it has always correctly detected any wireless internet connections in range. I recently added UBUNTU, but at first it would not detect any of these wireless signals. UBUNTU internet help gives us a list of troubleshooting steps to try in a particular order. When trying these steps as I was instructed, I never got to the step about installing a driver-- it was always assumed that my wireless network card was turned off. But it was not turned off. After reading the recommendations on techrepublic in re this question, I decided to install a program called ndisgtk, which is supposed to let UBUNTU make use of the windows wireless internet driver. This process was a little strange for a windows person like me, but I got it done, only to see that this did not fix the problem. A bit later I located the UBUNTU hardware drivers dialog box. I wired up an ethernet cable between my NETGEAR router and the laptop, which gave me wired internet. I then had the HARDWARE DRIVERS box search the internet for a LINUX wireless driver. It automatically found and installed this. After recovering my secured wireless passkey from WIN7, this fixed my wireless internet. With no further need for ndisgtk, I uninstalled it. (For reference, the Linux commands to do this can be run from a TERMINAL instance: install is: sudo apt-get install ndisgtk, uninstall is: sudo apt-get autoremove ndisgtk. Both of these commands act on ndisgtk and both of the supporting programs that go with it, automatically-- they're mentioned in some of the UBUNTU online resources if you search yahoo.) NOTE: in UBUNTU, HARDWARE DRIVERS is located under menu SYSTEM/ADMINISTRATION/HARDWARE DRIVERS. The setup is really easy and automatic, but you need a wired internet connection first.

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Request for Clarification

by TobiF In reply to Here's How I Fixed the UB ...

Thanks for a great post back!

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Request for Clarification

by seanferd In reply to Here's How I Fixed the UB ...

Fantastic! I'm glad you found your drivers. Happy surfing. :)

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You can try these at a terminal prompt

by markp24 In reply to Why won't Ubuntu 10 runni ...

try these
You have to issue two commands to enable you networking in BT4 (based on Ubuntu 10)

/etc/init.d/networking start and /etc/init.d/wicd <-- for wireless

run /etc/init.d/networking start

hope that helps

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