Why won't Vista recognize 2nd [slave] internal drive?

By drgrafix ·
I recently had my PC running XP crash and since I had bought a Vista package I installed it and activated through Microsoft. Seems to be OK except for one thing; I can't find the / [slave] 320 Gig Seagate Baracuda drive that has all my graphics files on it. What is ironic is that the drive does show up in the system BIOS as well as in Device Manager. I have tried updating the drivers, disabled the drive and re-enabled it... nothing changes. This hardware configuration hasn't changed in 2 years, it's a Shuttle with a 2.8 P4 and 2 Gigs of RAM, the root drive is 120 Gigs. Formatting the slave drive is out of the question as I have about 200+ gigs of image and other data files that I can't lose. If this is a Vista OS glitch, the cheapest fix might be to buy Windows 7 and change the OS.

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What does the system tell you this drive is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why won't Vista recognize ...

In the Drive Management Console?

Because Vista has added Security it's possible that if this drive was originally created with XP prior to SP1 or another formating utility that Vista will be unable to read it.

If that is the case here you'll need to do one of several different things, the first option is to remove the drive fit it to a USB Data Lead and then connect to a computer running XP and copy your Data off the Drive. You can then format the drive under Vista and copy your Data back to it.

or you can use a Live Linux to boot from the Optical Drive and then copy your Data over to something else, then restart the system with your copy of Vista and format the HDD there. Then copy your Data back to the Drive.

If you don't have a Live Linux you can get one as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag from your local Newsagent or download one from here


My personal recommendation would be Knoppix because it's so useful with Windows Systems when you need to repair them but for this any will do.


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Slave was originally formatted with XP Pro

by drgrafix In reply to What does the system tell ...

But I thought I had all the available service packs installed. Yeah, I can get a USB carrier and try to figure out where I can temp back up. Maybe I can borrow a friend's USB drive, copy everything and then reformat using vista and move the files back. Weird how it let me install Vista upgrade and still sees original root drive files OK.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Slave was originally form ...

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