Why would a person buy Windows 7 64 bit?

By babycattos ·
I have been flocked with PC problems relating to this software. My computer freezes at least 6 times per day, so does my bosses. Both PC's crash when playing flash videos. I'm starting to think that I should have bought 32 bit instead of 64 bit. Is there any truth to someone telling me that 64 bit is intended for computers that dual boot or have 2 motherboards (something like a server)? Something that divides it in to 32 bit? I would also like to know the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit.

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Because 64bit is where hardware and software are heading.

by seanferd In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

Your problems likely have little to do with anything being 64-bit. Of course, there may be 32bit programs which simply do not run well on 64bit OS - not necessarily having anything to do with 32/64.

Did you buy theses systems with win 7 64bit installed, or did you install it on systems without checking for compatibility? Is there enough RAM installed?

As for Flash, better to install a 32bit browser (or choose IE 32 rather than 64 from the menu) and use 32bit Flash. 64bit Flash has lagged far behind, and has only been recently released.

64bit has nothing at all to do with dual boot or multiple processors or motherboards.

64 bit essentially means to 32bit what 32bit meant to 16bit or 8bit: More address space means more memory is supported. Longer "words" in software lend themselves to certain efficiencies and possibilities that shorter "words" do not.

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64 bit 1-0-1

by TobiF In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

64/32 refers mainly to the size of internal memory addressing.

With 32 bits addressing space, you can allocate a total of ~4 gb. However, some of this space needs to be reserved for special things, like video memory. So you can only use around 3 GB ram in your system.

If you want 4gb or more, then 64 bits are needed (or some kind of more or less weird memory expansion workaround...)

When transiting to 64 bit systems, Microsoft decided to enforce some since long due security enhancements, like Data Execution Prevention, separation of processes etc.

Some of these security things are possible already in 32 bit systems, but not all software obeys by the design rules for this to work.

Different drivers, which run close to the OS kernel need to be compiled for 64 bits.

When Win7 was just launched, there were many printer drivers etc missing for 64 bits. Now the situation is much better.

Most 32-bit software will run just fine on Win7. But many programs with bad design may not behave well.

Server systems have used 64 bits for many years already. Now, 64 bit systems have reached maturity for end-user systems, as well. Within short, most new systems will be 64 bits. You can still wait, but, sooner or later you'll find that you can't avoid the transition.

Microsoft maintains a database of known issues for different hardware and software with Win7 and 64 bits.

If you have Win7 Professional or Ultimate, then you may try to run these applications within a "virtual windows xp machine". Have in mind, though, that if you install this virtual machine, then you need to make sure that this virtual machine gets needed protection against viruses etc.

Also, there have been quite a few security and stability updates to flash, shockwave, java etc recently. Make sure your systems are updated.

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So we can store more pornography

by Slayer_ In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

Let's face it, the reason we need 64bit is so we can have more ram, to power the extra crap and malware, collected from all the porn sites. So if you want more porn, you need more Ram, if you want more ram, you need 64bit

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Duh, no!

by NexS In reply to So we can store more porn ...

It's so we can <i>View</i> more at any given time.

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RE:- It's so we can View more at any given time

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Duh, no!

Yes we can but first you have to spool it to the Video.

Of course if the images are High Resolution 300 meg or bigger they appear faster.

But then again that could just be because I'm running 16 GIG of RAM on this particular computer.


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by NexS In reply to RE:- It's so we can View ...

1: download
2: collect into local folder
3: select all
4: "Enter"


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RE:- Why would a person buy Windows 7 64 bit?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

Well anyone who has half a brain and buys new hardware at the mid to high end range of the spectrum.

Personally I have sold hundreds of 64 Bit Windows 7 Loaded computers and the only complaints I get are from users who where using XP and the UAC that started with Vista and continues with 7 though at a slightly reduced Interference Rate. Though if you listen to my customers it's still too annoying.

I haven't seen one instance of what you describe on suitable equipped Hardware. But then again I've never supplied a 64 Bit System with less than 4 GIG of RAM and generally speaking quite a lot more most times.

The only real problem that I have noticed is a lack of suitable drivers for the 64 Bit System which are available for the 32 Bit Version of 7 but otherwise no problems.

I have 7 running a a Dual Core here and generally speaking most times it goes out on i5 or i7 CPU systems and it just works.

I'm not sure what would happen if you loaded it onto older hardware with more hardware limits but I've run it flawlessly on P4 systems that are limited to 2 GIG of RAM and while a bit slow I have not noticed any other issues. Of course attempting to use Games which are not 7 Compatible as well as other software is going to cause issues but that has always been a issue with new versions of Windows and is the way that M$ works. From my understand the same issues with Software Incompatibility apply to both the 32 & 64 Bit Versions.

So my question would be Why would anyone buying a new computer not go with a 64 Bit OS?

Maybe it's just me but limiting your new hardware to what is effectively Obsolete Software in the form of an OS seems to be a waste of time and money.


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7 is stable in a limited VM as well

by Slayer_ In reply to RE:- [i]Why would a perso ...

I have 7 in a MSVM, which only has 512mb of RAM (7 dies if I give it more RAM go figure) and MSVM's 8mb video system. Runs pretty good. Boots fast, runs fast. Uses about 400mb of the 512. (I am guessing the rest is in swap file)

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Because it works well

by JamesRL In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

I have a computer, 4 years old in fact, than was designed to be able to run a 64 bit OS, and it has no issue whatsoever running Win 7 64 bit. I do everything on it, including gaming (32 bit games).

I think you may have other issues.

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Well if you hadn't who would test it for MS?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why would a person buy Wi ...

Saying that Flash on 64 bit is an adobe problem.

Google Flash Square it might help you out.

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