Why would I recieve network errors on a "Unmanaged Network"?

By Dvenice ·
I'll try to describe this easily as possible. I am a surveillance tech. I have an unmanaged network that I use for video transfers from dvr's to computers. The network consists of a "Master" computer, 3 slaves, and 70 dvr's. All IP addresses are set automatically, there are no duplicated addresses (I have triple checked). When I run just the "master" computer and 1 slave the network works fine, however if I try to add more than 1 slave ( and according to Sanyo I should be able to ) I start getting network errors. Sanyo has made several suggestions all of which I tried and nothing seems to solve this issue. Any suggestions?

Master computer address is
submask is, the slaves are the same except they are 252, 253, 254 respectively. All are submask (Submask is set by Sanyo specs).

You can follow this link to Sanyo's suggested network setup: http://us.sanyo.com/technical_bulletins/tech_tip_73.pdf

One last note, this network is not on the internet and uses no firewalls.

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more info please

by CG IT In reply to Why would I recieve netwo ...

what, exactly, are the network errors?

from the diagram and documentation, the DVR's seem to be where the Sanyo software comes into play. The rest of the stuff is just plain basic networking. The unmanaged switches should just forward packets on to whatever PC handles the DVRs.

remember, uplinks require crossover cable and not straight thru ethernet so if your uplinking to another switch via the uplink port, gotta be crossover.

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In the documentation

by retro77 In reply to Why would I recieve netwo ...

They have the network address as 192.168.x.x
Try switching yours to that.

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