Why would I want to delete the whole PARTITION that XP is on?

By mmarks ·
If satisfied with how Windows 7 is working, and done with XP, couldn't I get rid of the dual-boot setup, and maybe delete XP system files area, but keep the partition intact? That partition will have files outside of system areas that I'd like to preserve. Accessing those from both XP and W7 during dual-boot time, still want to access from W7 after getting rid of dual boot.

Do any of these partition tools offer the chance to RECOMBINE them, losslessly?


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Once Windows 7 is running the way you like...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Why would I want to delet ...

make sure you have everything from the old partition backed up & change the boot.ini so it no longer prompts for the XP installation....if everything is still going well & you're satisfied with the Windows 7 installation...delete the XP partition.

Then you have that extra space to use as you like.

Edited to answer the question - you gain space.

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Greg Shultz has a step by step

by Jacky Howe In reply to Why would I want to delet ...

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