Why would monitors in Portrait Mode go "wonky" every Thursday afternoon?

By tullyhall ·
In my office we work primarily in a Citrix environment (except for Outlook). I have one user who insists on having his dual 24" monitors in Portrait Mode. Every Thursday around 1:30 in the afternoon his displays go "wonky". Windows get changed to strange colors; dragging windows around gives that stacked look (as if the program behind it was locked up); everything goes nuts like this (even local applications).

If I'm able to get into the Catalyst program and rotate his monitors to Landscape, everything looks fine. As soon as I rotate them back to portrait the issue is back. Rebooting at this point has been the only "solution".

It wasn't until I heard on a conference call that a tech at our corporate office had a user with the exact same problem. Her solution was to replace the card with an nVidia card. Her user hasn't had the issue since.

I've already installed several different versions of the video card's driver and the catalyst program but it keeps coming up. I'm not too keen on the idea of just swapping the card out since someone else might want to go to Portrait mode sometime down the line and since all of our machines in this office run ATI I'd like to have a solution other than replace the card with an nVidia one.

Has anyone seen or heard of this before? Any suggestions on solutions?


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OK I have no idea why this is happening

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why would monitors in Por ...

But as it seems to be Time Sensitive have you tried to repeat this by changing the Time on the machine and see if it happens at the same time on the computer or if it's related to Real Time?

If it's a Real Time Event what is happening on the network at that time?

If it's a Computer Time Issue what is the computer doing when this happens?


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What is scheduled to happen on Thursdays?

by seanferd In reply to Why would monitors in Por ...

That's what I'd be looking for. Either on the machine itself, or over the network, some process is messing with the video driver. Or is something drawing power on a schedule, from the same circuit?

Maybe there is something going around, though. Lots of reports of vodoo monitors and computers turning themselves on and off.

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