Why would RAID 1 (Mirror) Fail with 2 Healthy HDD's?

By 5lic3 ·
I have Server 2008 Standard 64bit installed with Exchange 2007 and a few other things. I am running a Intel server with 2 Intel Zeons and 2 x 750GB SATA drives in RAID 1 using the onboard raid controller. The intel board is the S5000PSL. Why would the RAID configuration go into a normal SATA configuration with 2 healthy drives? I am trying to find out what the possible causes could be.
One reason could be a power failure.

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Obvious answer is a Failed RAID Controller on the M'Board.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why would RAID 1 (Mirror) ...

A bad Power Supply that is not capable of powering the computer safely or properly.

Faulty Data/Leads Sockets on the M'Board to the HDD's.

They are the really obvious answers.

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by 5lic3 In reply to Obvious answer is a Faile ...

I have redundent power supplies. They have more than enough power for the server.

I'll try replace the data/leads and see if i can chaeck the sockets on the M'board.

Thanks. I didn't think about looking at the cables...

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not sure what "go into a normal SATA configuration" means

by CG IT In reply to Why would RAID 1 (Mirror) ...

you either create a RAID array or you don't.

If you fail to create a RAID array of course the system sees the drives as JBOD.

If the RAID controller fails, you won't be able to create a RAID array and you'll get a warning.

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Degraded RAID configuration

by 5lic3 In reply to not sure what "go into a ...

I recieved no warnings to say the raid config failed or degraded.
What i mean by normal SATA config is that the 2 HDD's were in RAID then suddenly it returned to a non RAID config. I found this by opening explorer and seeing 2 HDD's instead of 1 HDD.

i re-do the RAID config and it works. How would i find out if the RAID controller is faulty? Is it possible without waiting for another fail?

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OH Smeg is right

by brian In reply to Why would RAID 1 (Mirror) ...

the first logical answer would be a failing raid controller. Another thing it could be, though doubtful is that the drives are not identically paired. (same model..etc)

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by 5lic3 In reply to OH Smeg is right

HDD's are identical. I try re-do the RAID config and it works.

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Well there is another possibility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ...

But I didn't think it applied here however I suppose that it is possible.

Does anyone else have access to the unit?

At one place that I used to work at I found that the Owners Son sunk in at night and used the company Network as a Giant Play Toy to amuse both himself and his friends. He covered up any damage by messing till it sort of worked something like right then left it to his mother to get fixed properly.

I finally worked what was going on when I found an extra 2 SCSI Drives in the server and when I said that I must have left some Testing Drives in by mistake and I'd take them away with me he had to fess up or loose close to $1,000.00 worth of Drives. Of course by that Time I already knew what was on them and was sure that they where not there when I setup the server.


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