Why would video files suddenly become zero-byte?

By towens4 ·

I watch a lot of movies so I have a fairly large collection of video files. Every so often I find a bunch of files that have become zero-byte and I don't understand what could be causing that to happen.

I am running Win7 Home Prem. on a Gigabyte mobo w/an AMD Phenom II 4-core cpu and three SATA drives.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



P.S., I don't know if this question would be classed as 'off-topic' or not. If it is, I apologize.


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Have you scanned for Infections?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why would video files sud ...

Look at using the system in Safe Mode and using your Installed AV Product as well as Malware Bytes to check for infections and hopefully cleanup any that are found.


If that doesn't find anything try the Ultimate Boot CD and test the Hardware. Pay particular attention to the RAM and HDD tests.


Also look at the Power Supply of the system if it is a No Name Brand consider replacing it with something like the unit shown here



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Why would video files suddenly become zero-byte?

by bni1369 In reply to Why would video files sud ...

I agree. First, deep-scan with Malwarebytes, then a deep-scan with your AV. After that, I believe you'll find that the permissions on those video files have changed. Assuming that MWB and your AV have cleared the infection, the files should open. If the permissions have changed, you'll need to reset them. I would also consider a different download source...

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