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By marcg ·
I have had two users have problems in the last two days. They save word documents and then on that same day, they open it back up and some data is missing in the middle of the document.

Could this be a problem with our data connection with our server?

Any comments would be appreciated.


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I don't think the connection is problem

by road-dog In reply to WHY WOULD WORD FILES LOSE ...

If the documents were saved and corrupted in transit, Layer 4 should fix the problem. Also, if data were lost in transit the doc should be corrupted, which is obvious upon attempting to open it. I would look at file names and see if the users are mistaking file names. Not likely, but possible with 2 users experiencing similar problems.

Are they opening, editing, and then saving straight on the server? Perhaps you might have them save locally and then transfer the doc to the server. Have you watched how they're doing the save?

Try sending a word doc back and forth to the server from one of the affected user's PC to duplicate problem.

I hope this helps. Tell us how it turns out.

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by marcg In reply to I don't think the connect ...

They are opening, editing and saving these files directly to the server and they are at the same building location. This has just happened recently after I installed a new Win 2000 Prof. Dell Optiplex with Office XP pre-installed at the one user's work area. The other user has Win 2000 Prof. running Office 2000.

I haven't watched how they are doing the save, but I know that the user with Office 2000 has never had the problem in the past. I will have them for the time being save the document to the harddrive and then save it to the server. I'll keep you posted.

Any more comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Word Data Loser

by Boomslang In reply to WHY WOULD WORD FILES LOSE ...

Are they working on the same file at the same time, or are these completely different files?

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by marcg In reply to Word Data Loser

These are completely different files sent across the same T1 connection to our NT server.

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Did you ever get this resolved?

by rrutter In reply to

We are experiencing strange phenomena with Word docs not saving current changes on on server as well. Have been successful for a year, now suddenly a problem, - not user error. What did you ever find out? Anyone?

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