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Why XP\M$ pisses me off....

By LordInfidel ·
Administravia- This is just a rant,.

So I ["need" to] install 2k pro on a machine.

So I contcat my liscense vendor to order a upgrade liscense from 98 to 2k.
Normally I pay 115 for the upgrade liscense.

So She calls me back to tell me that 2k upgrade liscnes are no longer available.

But you can now have the **Pleasure** of buying a XP Pro liscense for 175. And it can be *Downgraded?*/Used as a 2k Pro liscence.

OK- W T F ??? If I wanted XP I would of bought XP. I don't want XP, I will never want XP, it will never see the light of day on my damn network.

I'm not blaming my vendor. I'm blaming M$ and their convulted liscensing model.

I've never been a fan of linux at the desktop, (big fan of ent servrs running the penguin) but damn if I thought my users could handle it I would put redhat on every machine in here and say screw M$.

Just a Rant.... These comments do not reflect the official position of my employer.

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Thank you for Ranting :}

by radiic In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

I have been wondering when the first of these would get posted. I remember when my vendor called me at the begining of october and told me i only had 25 days left to buy 2k licensing. Well i would have loved to buy it, but my company is stuck on 4.0 workstation because of one of our propritary vendors, their product dont work on anything else, and they dont plan on changing it. Thats why they are closing up shop soon and we have to find a new product. Well I sit here and try to wonder what platform that will operate on. If they operate only on 2k workstations then I am $crewed. What if it works on (god forbid) xp. NOOOOOOOOOOO.!

The funny thing is that most of the Sys Admins I know havent even migrated to full 2k on their networks. Now they wont have too:)

I have to agree with you Lord...The Microsoft License Model is confusing as ****. My vendor sent me a copy of it, and I tried to read it...I have more questions now then I did before reading it. And confusing...I havebeen looking for a M$ seminar that explains this model. I think the Title of the model is "Okay bend over, grab your ankles, let out a scream, cause this is going to hurt!" (in a new york accent)> "Vaseline, forget about it! We got you by the short hairs and there is nothing you can do about it."

I saw a friend of mine praying in church the other day for a long time. I asked him why he was praying for so long. His anwser was " I was praying for someone to stop Bill Gates from takingover my network"

Well thats my rant.
God bless all Sys Admins.

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jumping on the band wangon.

by GetReal In reply to Thank you for Ranting :}

This isn't a surprise. This wasn't hidden. This is just another example of poor planning on your part, translating into MS being an evil corporate giant. Yeah whatever.

And what is the deal with XP hating? If you like Win2K, XP can emualte Win2K desktop. It a better OS anyway. I am obviously missing something.

Funny thing is, you probably owe your job to M$.

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I've been on vacation.....

by LordInfidel In reply to jumping on the band wango ...

Literally.... Just got back today, Have not been on-line since I left.

Most of the XP haters come from the sys admin world. Not the consumer market.

For the consumer market, XP is great. It comes with a lot of additional crap for you to playaround with.

For a corporate enviroment though, it is a nightmare. At the conerstone of the nightmare is the activation code scheme.

There is not a single admin out there who will smile when trying to deploy a rollout out of a few 100 XP os'smuch less XP Office.

Then what to do about the last minute machine you need to build? Adding another piece to the installation is just a pain in the ***.

Plus for those of us on NT4 domains, who have tasted 2K AD, I have yet to see XP in the enterprise yet. How is it to fit into the domain model? .net? AD?

When I took my upgrade exam, XP clients were not mentioned anywhere. So again I say WTF?

M$, (and I am an MCSE so I can blast them all I want), messed up with XP. They should of have waited or skipped this OS all together. .NET looks cool but should not be released right on the heels of XP or for that matter 2K.

They pushed to hard with 2K in the cert world to turn around and pull the OS.

In the corp. world, it is us, the admins, who decide which OS's will live on our networks. Not the vendors. If they can't sell us on the OS, then we will not buy it for our networks.

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by meshyslanky In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

I ahve been looking for you everywhere, lord jkqefb. (Look up what that means in China)

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by Dilbert! In reply to

is this relevant to Win XP ?

The following is a light hearted way to evaluate an operating system:

On the weekend I had some time to kill whilst my wife was shopping - I entered a computer shop. I asked the assistant what he thought of XP. The response was great - "It is more reliable than Win 2K - when it crashes it recovers far better than W2K. I have a big computer at home ( he gesticulated a server size box) and I have installed XP on that. It only failed to find 2 items of hardware the rest worked straight away".

I almost cried to hear that this is how operating systems are sold to the unknowing. I had to pretend to be really stupid at this point so I asked if it is normal for a computer to crash. The answer was "only if you don't use XP". So the blue screens that I have seen over the past few years were my imagination!
I did try to get the sales rep to tell me what he used his PC for - he proceeded to show me how you could change the appearance of the desktop tolook like win2K etc. Obviously I overloaded his mind with that question!

I left the shop at this stage with a simple cry of DOH!

I will repeat this exercise a few times now as I spent the rest of the day laughing - if anyone else has played this game please tell me their findings.


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by LordInfidel In reply to

If you are from china, what province are you from?


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oh yeah

by CGI?001 In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

Lordy, you are pissed... Geez, you are so angry that your typing aint as usual.
But, at the bottom, your damn right. Cant agree with ya more. I considered XP for some time, then I considered not to consider. Now, no wayyyyyyy!

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Yes, you are right!

by PhiltheGreat In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

If not, why M$ is so rich!
1) But Linux is more stable, plus if the users are good at the problems and OS; then why the tech. people are needed?!
Linux is not so hard to use; but for the tech. people are more difficult.
But it is stable; plus less features to entertain the users; this means for tech. support LESS HEADACHE!

2) Microsoft retired the MCSE programs always too! M$ is always wanting more Money!

From support perspective, a stable system is more important than a updated fashionable system. Survival is more important; but if the system is so stable, why a tech support?!

So M$ is helping us?! Not to lose a job; but losing a lot of money. a joke?!

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I'm not supporting this idea...

by admin In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

It pisses me off too, but it is nothing new. If you want any older product from MS, it's the same situation. It's been this way for quite some time. You have to buy ME to use 98SE and 02k (or OXP) to use O97 etc. They have gotten better at pulling it from shelves quickly though, and yes, most of those used copies on e-Bay are not at all legal to use-even if they originally were. MS is trying to simplify it's scheme, but I'm not looking forward to the monthly fees either.

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by TomSal In reply to Why XP\M$ pisses me off.. ...

I hear you loud and clear and the same frustration that courses through your veins, is the same frustration that flows through mine as well over this issue.

What to really get pissed off? Attend one of Microsoft's license seminar workshops - you'll be steaming by the end of the day I can bet money on it.

I made the mistake of agreeing to attend one at the request of the higher ups here. Man, those Microsoft reps are like the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharpton's of the software business I swear. They preach righteousness about what they are trying to sell you, but its empty preaching. You read between the lines and its all just nonsense.

I just got hit by again for another $2,000 over Microsoft's wonderful licensing model. Of course $2,000 may not be alot to some of your companies, but considering over the last two years we paid them about $18,000 previously as well for licensing..that brings us to about $20,000 on licenses.

Yeah MS, your program is just so wonderful - for YOU... not the customer!


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