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Why you can't ignore instant messaging

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How does your organization approach IM use? Do you have a formal policy, or do you just look the other way? What are your biggest concerns about employees' use of IM? Share your comments about IM in the workplace, as discussed in the July 15 Government IT e-newsletter.

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No go

by Oz_Media In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

Between my three offices and my contracts two offices, we have completely abolished almost all IM platforms.
Inter office communiction is done via Netware's built in messaging system.

I absolutely DESPISE Internet messaging and were it not for novell's system, ALL IM would be ousted.

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I know she actually did this.

by RiverFreight In reply to No go

Its obvious; I looked and when they gave the last pay raise she had to pay for an all new system - at least that is what the Kmart reciepts she posted & took as a deduction make it look like. See most people blame the equipment for their ignorance this STANCE was fostered by a 'Kelly Services' training program of intent and thorough training so that kelly people could use the knowledge intuitively when they walked into an office for the first time.

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I know she actually did this??

by Oz_Media In reply to I know she actually did t ...

What the **** are you going on about now?!
Do you have a virus or something and are reading different discussions than the rest of the people here?

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by RiverFreight In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

AW Shucks! Gee Willikers! YUCK, YUCK, ! "Actually what are you talking about?" is the most common thing I run into with those I work with. " I've got that stuff" look at secratary: "Don't I?" Sound familiar? It's common as ****, you can't ignore something you know nothing about - where's those dratted salesmen - or are under the impression is taken care of already by the dastardly machine that is on the secratarys desk, see its her fault that neither you or the installer of the equipment madesure that she - wonderful dear that she is - got the courses that were promised or that the promised technitians to properly set-up and hook up the computer never showed even though you made sure to pay for it all.

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For efficiency

by thinkaloud In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

We do not use public IM.

We preach what we do; using B.efficient. It helps our mobile workforce share information easily. It is also not subjected to security issues faced by public IMs.

In fact, reducing spam, is one of the reasons why we useB.efficient. It is definitely more efficient than using email which is subjected to spam.

I see IM as an more effective way for distributed office to communicate. But IM alone is never a reason strong enough to stand on its own.

Entreprise IM needs to be seen as part of a collaboration solution. File sharing with version control, group discussion, security are just some of the things that clients always ask for. On top of that, entreprise solutions need to be extendsible.

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Not a chance

by Gale In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

We have forbidden all aspects of IM. Due mainly to the fact that we have had employees abuse the priviledge. The problem that I see is there are entirely to many security and legal liabilities with IM.
I have been told on to many occasions to countthat I am just to paranoid, it's completely innocent, we wouldn't do that, blah blah blah.
The situation that I have found myself in on countless occasions is while doing auditing of chat logs there are way to many individuals that are trying to hook up with people they don't know, chatting about the company, and chatting about sexually explicit matters. I could go on and on about what I've seen.
This is not to say that I think there are not legitimate uses for IM. I just feel there are entirely to many security and legal liabilities that can crop up without any warnings.
I have tried several of the "firewall" blocking and because of the nature of IM it seems to get access to the outside by re-configuring itself and using a different port.
I have now implemented a policy that states any use of IM or chat rooms will result in termination or loss of internet access.
I would accept any alternative opinions on this subject.

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Sorry You Missed it

by Army_ITS In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

The bus has arrived and left the station and you are still reading your paper. We have actively removed all forms of IM from our user?s computers for some time. However, the US Army has its own IM program that is secured and ran mostly inside the firewall. It is not optional it is built on an Army required system in AKO. The other branches are following suit. The NMCI program brought it two the Navy and Marines. The rest of the government can not be far behind. IM is here rather we like it or not. It will be a management issue when it is abused as is browsing the internet. The security will always be an issue but that is why they pay us the Big bucks.


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Its a big help!

by Brian158 In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

More and more companies are using IM for desktop support and other apps. I worked for a company that started to use IM with video real time support. Now that was a security issue and many problems. We (IT Department) had to be very knowledgeable of these programs. It is the new thing. For inter-office or remote user meetings it can be a great tool if used correctly.
How we controled it was we informed the employees that all their IMS are being recorded and view at a later time. This controlled alot of things. They knew they was being watched.

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making a living via IM's

by SkinnerX In reply to Why you can't ignore inst ...

It seems anymore these days, I have more IM's that end up producing sales than phone calls, emails, and personal contacts combined. So IM's are the lifeblood of my work. (I can directly correlate $4.2 million in sales last year from instant messaging...nothing to sneeze at.)
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