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    WI FI


    by boreg30 ·

    Where did the term “Wi-Fi” originate, what does Wi-Fi stand for, and what does Wi-Fi refer to?

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      by bobho ·

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      You know, I don’t think I have ever seen a request for this before! Here is the definition and information from Wi-Fi Planet’s Webopedia:

      I learned a little myself on this one. Thanks.



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      by ryfry9 ·

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      Remember the term “Hi-Fi”? I had to ask my grandpa about that about 10 years ago. It was late 60’s, 70’s terminology for high fidelity sound. HaHaHaHa…etc. That “Hi-Fi” sound has been put to shame by our new sound technology. I cant wait to see “Wi-Fi’s” shamer.

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