Wi-Fi not working when telephoneis in use

By tony_s ·
Hi Gurus,

I use the telephone service and cable internet provided by the same cable company. I have a cordless phone of 2.4 GHz frequency. And the wireless Internet router is 802.11g .

Whenever I receive or make a telephone call, my wireless internet ceases to work. What is the reason? How can I avoid it?

Thanks in advance.

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by lowlands In reply to Wi-Fi not working when te ...

Your wireless router and cordless phone both wotk on the same frequency (2.4 GHz). My problems went away when I started using a 5.8 GHz phone. But you can also try playing around with the wireless channel your router uses. On the setup webpage for the thing you can probably choose between some 11 different frequencies.

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by tony_s In reply to interference

Thanks very much Lowlands for your reply!
I'll play around with the frequencies and will let you know if it works.

Thanks again.

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by tony_s In reply to interference

Unfortunately the setup shows only 2.4 Hz as the available frequency. Unfortunately it seems the only option for me is to change the phone.

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try to change the channel

by jdclyde In reply to Frequency

because that has an effect on the frequency.

Go from one end (1) to the other (12) and see if it will make a difference.

If not, then yes, new phone.

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by tony_s In reply to try to change the channel

Thank you jdclyde.
I'm sorry I am not familiar with the networking terminology. What do you mean by a channel? Is it the physical port on the router?
Thanks once again.

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when you get in the access point

by jdclyde In reply to Channel

on the page where you would set up security, there will be a place to determine which "channel" you wish to broadcast on. if two access points are close, they have to select different channels.

look at the help menu in the access point, and it will tell you what you need for that brand.

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