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    WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.


    by rebecerrar ·

    Dear Friends,

    Our Client is a Cable ISP with more than 50,000 residential, and 2,000 corporative Users, in the same City, using an Optical Fiber and Coaxial Cable Network.

    Today, they provide Internet by Cable, Cable TV, and in the future they would like also provide VoIP Services.

    They have short term plans to offer these services to the surrounding suburbs, but they think that they should not use the Optical Fiber, and Coaxial Cable Network due mainly for the high costs to deploy this kind of infrastructure.

    Due to that, they need to know the answer to the following question:

    Technology WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX: (Pro?s, Con?s & ROI)
    ? Penetration of this technology in America and Europe
    ? Efficiency of the technology (from the technical and investment point of views)
    ? Technical Aspects: scalability, yield, performance, obsolescence, technical support
    ? The trends of this technology towards the future (roadmaps)
    ? The most important Vendors that produce this technology, and if there has been consolidated
    ? Success Cases

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      Reply To: WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

      The simple answers:

      Yes, it is everywhere.

      Yes, there are security concerns.

      Yes, it is fairly efficient.

      Yes, it is scalable.

      Check Gartner for more information.

      Even better, read some of the TechRepublic papers and other trade-associated magazines, like InfoWeek.

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      Reply To: WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

      by awfernald ·

      In reply to WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

      Well, this is a fun question….

      Wireless has been around for quite a while, and yes, it is much cheaper to install than a wired network, especially on the scale you are talking about.

      However, you still have many other considerations to keep in mind such as:

      – Interference – stay out of the 2.4ghz band unless you want people complaining about bad/weak signals.
      – Blind spots – just like cell phones, be aware of locations where the signal can’t reach.
      – Security – make sure you use a good (and variable/changeable) link encryption.
      – Upgrade ability – Wireless is probably about the fastest changing technology at THIS particular point in time due to its relative recent acceptance into the mass market and the push to achieve higher and higher throughput.

      As far as penetration goes, wireless is getting to be very common throughout the U.S., however, not necessarily the wireless that you are talking about. It is very cost effective compared to laying miles of cable.

      As far as the rest of your questions, the best answer would be to research, research, research. Start with google to identify the companies to address, doing a search on “Wireless ISP”. This should give you some good background on the capabilities and the competition.

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      by cg it ·

      In reply to WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

      I like it Bfilm. Short, to the point and accurate.

      For the posted, you should go to Cisco. Basically their equipment are the ones driving those technologies, WI-FI, Fibre Optic [Regional, City, Campus backbones], local coax cable, and they have a ton of white papers on those technologies.

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      by rebecerrar ·

      In reply to WI-FI/WI-LAN/WI-MAX Tech. for ISP?s.

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