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Wide Range 3D Sensor - Applications?

By genuinnovate ·
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Hi everyone,

As part of a university project we are looking for potential applications for a new technology that senses 3D environments quite similar to Microsoft Kinect but more capable in terms of higher precision, range and more responsive. Basically, the technology is able to do the following:

- Generates 3D models
- Captures large areas of up to 32x32ft (or 10x10m)
- High precision of 0.03" (or 1mm)
- Motion detection in real-time with up to 1000fps (Response time: 1ms)
- Independent of light (works in both bright and dark environments)
- Quite portable (0.8"x0.8") with low energy consumption
- Captures an angle of 180°; when combining two modules 360° would be possible.

Firstly, I would like to note that we are interested in individual perspectives given unique professional/personal experiences. I would be interested in mass market applications that would benefit from those specifications especially regarding precision / time resolution / range. As we know that the market space of such sensors is quite competitive and our internal list of possible applications is extensive, we are looking for undiscovered fields where our technology is unique in its capabilities. What technologies could be replaced or problems to be solved in general? There are no limits, specs can still be change to a certain extent.

Any suggestion is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support.



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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Wide Range 3D Sensor - Ap ...

or Tyco. They use a very similar device to activate CCTV systems, both inclusive in cameras or as a separate device that triggers them.

Based on size, I'm sure that's an application you've already addressed though.

Due to how common such products are in the security industry, based on your description, you'd probably be best off just looking for a licencing deal where you don't have to carry the weight of production yourself. Just licence it and take a royalty on each unit sold. Then you have more free time to come up with a cutting edge device that isn't all over the market already.

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