Wide wireless coverge at home!!!

By popleeswager ·
I decided to apply WLAN at my home, i got a Linksys ADSL router (wireless), make the requested steps and every thing is okay now, but the problem is i got some ares uncovered by this router, i bought Linksys repeater and Linksys Access Point, the repeater has solved about 75% of the problem but i still cant make use of the access point.

so is it important or how could i get covered?

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Most people don't require 100% coverage at home ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wide wireless coverge at ...

So if you can arrange the components to create blank spots in the areas you DON'T need - you're sorted.

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Access Point

You did not mention which Linksys access point you had, but in most cases you can turn access points into repeaters as well.

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Access points

by Dumphrey In reply to Wide wireless coverge at ...

are best used by running a cable under the floor or up a wall to another end of the house or floor and then plugging the access point in to one end, and the "wireless" router into the other. Access points provide wireless access to a wired network, bridges reverse this providing wired access to a wireless signal. A repeater should just relay signal giving wider coverage...

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