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    Widows DNS IP address registration issues for 515E VPN users


    by alex-gb ·

    Hi All,

    Recently we?ve configured VPN with PIX 515E. All is working just perfect, except one small thing.
    * VPN gateway is configured to assign IP addresses from the local pool of
    * The above pool is excluded in internal DHCP for internal allocation.
    * The above pool also excluded from being NATed, to allow VPN traffic to bypass ACL

    * When user connects internally he is assigned IP by internal DHCP, say
    * When he connects through VPN, he is getting IP from PIX, say

    The problem is that at that point DNS has got two entries for the same machine and as a result (I believe) no traffic is being received by the peer.

    Can anyone give us a general advice on how to correctly configure IPs allocation for VPN users.
    The are only two main requirements:
    * All traffic from the machines residing inside should be NATed
    * All IPs for machines residing inside should be allocated by dedicated DHCP server, not the one on PIX



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