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    wierd log on problem with email on the web

    by ralwelby ·


    I use an email system hosted by sure server off my website
    (removed URL)
    where I put in my email address and my password

    I have used this for a number of years now without problems

    my son runs the website for me and I have links with an excellent local computer shop both of whom are baffled by this

    as is  sureserver – can anyone help please?

    I have just purchased a 7th generation dell lattitude

    the computer shop are pleased with the purchase and have cleaned it right out and reinstalled from the start

    added my data and installed the latest Chrome

    Edge is already on it and I have added Mozilla Firefox this morning

    it doesnt matter what browser you use – the above log on details simply dont work – the page just returns empty back to you

    by some clever means the shop has managed to put a shortcut on so I can go in that way on Chrome – they have only done it on Chrome

    but if I am then in

    the system will not allow me to attach a file, it goes to make the attachment perfectly normally and then returns a blank on the attachment saying the file is too big (but it isnt ie approx 1% of the size

    I have cleared all cookies and caches, I have used CC cleaner – and am completely stuck

    the wierd thing is this and partly why sure support cant help – any other computer – my wifes.  ones in the shop – everything works normally!

    as far as we can see, everything else on this computer is working normally – for instance I can log into gmail and send an email with an attachment or browse or do anything else

    It MUST be something in the basic set up of this computer, but why is that ‘thing’ only affecting one email system?

    total frustration here and I need to travel next week with only this computer with me so in a bit of a panic…

    can some bright spark work out what is going on please?

    windows 10 and nothing fancy on the machine – no games etc


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      Re: weird behavior

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to wierd log on problem with email on the web

      If it works on all PC’s/laptops except this one, and nobody can explain it, the obvious solution is to buy another laptop and return this one for not being OK for you.

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      Well the only thing here is you need to start with the basics

      by the master2 ·

      In reply to wierd log on problem with email on the web

      Strip out everything and reload Windows and see if it works that way. Then one piece of software at a time install and try again. Keep doing this till the thing is either fully loaded and working or it stops working and then you have your answer of what is causing the problem.

      The last piece of Software installed before it stopped working is the issue and it’s going to be something to do with Security Settings most likely but what it is I have no idea and I also have no idea what the previous system you used was running so it could be anything from a Windows 10 Issue and the Web Page’s OS that it runs on being incompatible as most Web Hosting Companies use a form of Nix to host everything it could be something as simple as a low level incompatibility between the 2 OS’s in use to some security software blocking that Page as Unsafe from this distance it is just not possible to say any more. So the best I can offer is to do the basic stuff the Chip Set of the Dell is unlikely to be incompatible with the OS Hosting the Web Page and it is obviously not Incompatible with Windows 10 as it works with that so you have to look at what is installed on the unit and work out from there where to go. Unfortunately just removing one application at a time will most likely not fix the issue as the necessary changes will not be made to the Windows Registry so you have to start from scratch and work out what is causing the Issue and then after you have done that you get to work out WHY it is happening but I can almost say with Certainty it’s going to be some obscure seemingly unrelated Security Setting in something that is the issue.

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