Wierd problems with external monitor

By Andungen ·
I have some really wierd problems when trying to connect an external monitor to my Dell Inspiron 1720 19" notebook. I have Windows Vista Home.

When I connect my external monitor both screens go black for a long time, and then finally my laptopscreen decides to join me again. But not in its normal state of lovelyness!. When I get image on my laptopscreen the resolution is at its lowest, my mouse is gone, and my laptop has about the same speed as an old Amiga. So it's pretty much impossible to navigate windows and find the problem.

Any ideas? I've tried fiddling with fn+f8 buttons with no real result (just more blacktime on both monitors and then finally it returns to the state it was). In Windows mobility center it says that the external monitor is connected, so Vista obviously finds and reckongnizes the monitor. I've used this monitor on my old laptop aswell, that one running Windows XP, and it worked like a charm.

Thanks in advance for any help, this is getting really frustrating.

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Go to the Display Settings

by OH Smeg In reply to Wierd problems with exter ...

And left click on the second Monitor and check the Display Settings. It is quite possible that these are set too high for the Monitor to display and this is what is causing your problem.


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19" laptop has a WXGA widescreen at least ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wierd problems with exter ...

What screen format does the external monitor have?

You'll have to take that into account. When you connect the external monitor Windows is having to do a bit of jiggery-pokery to adjust whatever settings exist for each screen.

Sounds like it's also failing to succeed.

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Check Display Settings

by kpwood In reply to 19" laptop has a WXGA wid ...

If you go into display settings, to the Advanced tab, it tells you what monitors are installed on what adapters, what resolution you are using, and so on. Go there and in the drop down, choose your external monitor. There should be two boxes that appear then, one says "Make this the primary monitor" and one should say something like "extend my screen to this monitor." You want to check the extend screen option. You'll probably want to run both screens at 1024x768 until you get it to work, then you can fiddle with the resolutions.

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