WiFi access points reboot every day at the same time

By jrose1612341883 ·
I have four WiFi access points connected to a POE switch. They work fine, except that every day at exactly 9pm all four antennas reboot, causing the WiFi to go down for about a minute. Can anyone think of any reason why this would happen?! Here is a 1-minute video showing what happens:
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Re: reboot

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to WiFi access points reboot ...

If all 4 access points do the same, the POE switch is suspected. Go and sit next to it at 8:59 pm and see if it does something strange the next 2 minutes.

Also, does internet also go down on devices that are connected to that switch directly via an Ethernet cable? Or is it only WiFi that is down?
If you're there at 8:57 PM you surely have time to connect your laptop to that switch and check.

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It's not the electric supply

by jrose1612341883 In reply to Re: reboot

Another suggestion I tried was to run an electrical extension cord to the PoE switch, so that it was connected to a circuit in the house with no other equipment on it. This, unfortunately, had no effect -- all the APs still performed reset at 9pm. It has to be something with the switch itself, right? I've asked the guy who set up the system to try a different switch...

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