wifi after disconnect autoconnect to network but then internet cant work

By canurag ·
my internet connection on my laptop have xp sp3 works with wifi ok but as sometime lights goes off modem shut down but as wifi have autoconnect option as soon as light comes and modem and even isp connection again restart automatically through wifi there is no internet access although it shows isp connected even bittorrent cant work this problem is not from start .it start automatically so if i leave the bittorent at night and due to some reason either isp disconnect by itself or modem off and again connect automatically there is no internet access and for many hours computer remain on for many hours till i wake up in morning and restart it and than reconnect to isp and it again works normally .i dont understand whats the reason ...... as this problem appears from past few months nor i reinstall the window xp nor repair it and as its too long time i also cant able to guess what will be exact thing happen after that this problem occurs

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Well at a rough guess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wifi after disconnect aut ...

The Power Saving is turning things off and when it reconnects it's not completely working correctly.

It's one of the Undocumented Features of WiFi it's not overly reliable as well as considerably slower than a wired connection. I would hazard a guess that a Windows Hot Fix/Patch has made the changes quite some time ago now as either a Security Improvement or a user Improvement to the OS. I would think it's to do with the security of the system which is causing this to happen though it could just as easily be a Power Saving Option buried deeply somewhere unlikely.


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