Wifi blockage....Help Needed

By Lost in Cyberspace ·
Wifi blockage....Help Needed
I am very new to this field and I am already running into my first obstacle that I thought i could handle on my own but I was wrong. Here is the details -

I am at a resort that has Wifi

When I log on, I have to agree to their terms before I am granted access.

Once I hit agree, I am on the internet. problem solved it would seem.

When I try to hook my PS3 to the same Wifi, I cannot get on because it is obviously redirecting to the acceptance page.

I have tried to go through the Browser on the PS3 - It times out.

I have tried to make my Macbook pro act as a router - It failed

I have run an ethernet from my laptop that is on the Wifi to the PS3 - It failed

I have created antoher network and granted my mac access to the new network - It failed.

When I do a test on the PS3, I see the connection, I see the signal strength, and then when I go to close the deal, it boots me for a time out.

Any solutions?

I really want my PS3 up and running....

Please, I am not advanced in this stuff so talk to me like the idiot that i am...

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Your best bet would be to talk to the front desk.

by seanferd In reply to Wifi blockage....Help Nee ...

Or try the network settings from the xross bar.

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Front Desk Useless..

by Lost in Cyberspace In reply to Your best bet would be to ...

Thanks for responding. The front desk is giving me the "we don't support gaming" mode.

That is not flying with my two kids that are stuck without their PS3.

There has to be a solution. If my system recognizes the signal, my laptop is logged onto the wifi, there must be an end around...

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Well, you could try ICS or a router distro.

by seanferd In reply to Front Desk Useless..

Assuming this is Windows, try Internet connection sharing. Found in the start menu or control panel, use the network setup wizard and choose "share a connection" when prompted.

Or, try installing a router distro (this may not be for the faint of heart). If you have the space on the HDD, you could install a router distro in a dual-boot configuration. But if the system only supports logging in through Windows, you may still be stuck.

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by Lost in Cyberspace In reply to Well, you could try ICS o ...

I was unaware that a different Port had to be opened for the PS3 that is different from the PC. I am being told that only the ISP can do that.

Because I do not have access to the router, I think I am pretty much screwed....

Thanks again for replying...

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