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    Wifi Connection


    by rehman007 ·

    I do not have a modem. I get an internet wire which i connect to my laptop.

    Which modem do I need inorder to get Wireless internet at home?

    Would a a/b/g netgear router work? or do i just need a wireless adapter?

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      by rehman007 ·

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      Wireless Access Point

      by churdoo ·

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      Where does the internet wire come from? If I understand correctly, you plug this internet wire into your laptop to get internet access right now. You would like to be able to use your laptop and/or other components wirelessly to gain same internet. Your laptop probably already has wireless capability built in.

      If I have assumed the above correctly, then you simply need a Wireless Access Point, to which you would plug your internet wire, and would broadcast that signal so that your laptop could access wirelessly. Here is just one example of a WAP:

      If a WAP is not as readily available, then you “could” purchase a combination wireless/router appliance like the Netgear A/B/G that you suggested, and plug your “internet wire” into the WAN port. If doing this does not work completely (depending on where your internet wire comes from and other functionality you may or may not use), then you could disable DHCP on your wireless/router appliance and plug your internet wire into one of the switch ports.

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      Well assuming that the Internet Wire is a CAT5

      by oh smeg ·

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      All you need is a WiFi Access Point like this

      Here you would plug the CAT5 Cable into the Up-link Port of the WiFi Router and then with a Wired connection setup the router to your Internet connection requirements and then you can configure the WiFi connection on the NB.

      If however you mean you want to use Wireless Broadband you need to talk to your ISP as they have Aircards that plug into a PCMCIA Port which allow you to connect wirelessly to their network and these work on the Mobile Phone Network not the Wireless Frequencies.


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        I guess

        by technogeek-1995 ·

        In reply to Well assuming that the Internet Wire is a CAT5

        I guess you have “DIAL UP” internet if you have a wire coming out of your wall (telephone) and don’t have a [external, I guess] modem. In that case, you can not have wireless, you have to have a Broadband or DSL connection for wireless. If this is wrong you HAVE to have a modem, it is impossible to not have a modem with DSL or Broadband. I need an a ISP to tell for sure.

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