Wifi Connections

By dzcheko ·
I use Internet Download Manager to download my movies
At the moment I'm happy with the software, I love it..

But I am starting to think..
Can I use one WiFi connection to download my movies from and another to browse the internet?
Something like a dual SIM phone?
Is it possible to perform something like that on a single Desktop PC or Laptop, if so.. What are the hardwares and softwares I need? For both Desktop PC and Laptop.

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Not sure why you'd want that...

by tmalo627 In reply to Wifi Connections

This isn't something that can be done. Or needs to be done. High speed internet connections are becoming so inexpensive for high speeds that one connection should be able to handle everything you need. If you need more speed, call your ISP and ask them about increasing your bandwidth.

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I agree

by tintoman In reply to Wifi Connections

As tmalo627 says there is no advantage at all in adding another network adapter if it's going to be connected to the same internet connection, you would only do that if you want to connect to 2 networks at the same time.
As it is there is nothing to stop you browsing the internet whilst downloading or streaming video if your internet speed is good enough.
tmalo627 is wrong about one thing though, it can be done but there is absolutely no point.

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