Wifi Constantly Disconnects, Will Mesh Network Help?

By anm11x ·
We have an ADSL modem/router combo through our isp, and our devices always disconnect from it. My laptop will be connected but my smart tv won't work, or my playstation will be connected but none of our alexa devices will work. At least 3 times a day we have to reset it and after about 10 minutes everything will work for a while, but eventually things will start disconnecting again. We contacted our isp about the issue and we paid for a brand new modem/router, and the exact same thing is still happening. So I was doing some research and I came across mesh network systems. From my understanding, I would have to change my modem/router to "bridge" mode to make it basically just a modem, and then I connect the mesh network. Am I right about that? Does anyone have suggestions on what may be the overall issue? Would a mesh network be a good option?
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If resetting the router fixes it.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Wifi Constantly Disconnec ...

Then the suspect item is the ADSL router. To the question of will it fix it the answer is MAYBE.

Why maybe? Because it looks clear there is an issue with the ADSL modem+router combo which you seem to want to keep. The make/models of the old and new ADSL router is not known so I can't look into if folk write about this model(s).

Also missing are details such as distance from said router to client devices (TVs and more.) If there was a distance issue then I could solve such and do often with a Powerline WiFi kit.

Finally it's just ADSL which is rarely good enough for today's users of streaming Netflix and more.

-> Even with the missing information the answer is going to be maybe since it's ADSL of an unknown quality and provider.

Tell more and let's see what we can use from the new information.

As to your bridge mode question. In short yes. My usual home installs have yet to go to mesh solutions. Never had the need yet.

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Thanks for your reply.

by anm11x In reply to If resetting the router f ...

It says it's a Netgear 7550 ADSL2+. I initially wanted to get rid of it and buy just a modem, and then the mesh system. But since we have DSL I really haven't found any modems, the few I did see are the same type - the modem/router combos. That's what led to me looking into just doing the bridge mode. The distance is not far, we don't have a big house, only a one story. The room it's in is only one and two rooms away from where most of our devices are. But it's not in like a big open space. There are walls and doors between the router itself and where most of our devices are.

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What is not too far?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thanks for your reply.

Past 20 feet and in some houses that's too far.

Your note about the size doesn't tell me mesh is called for yet.

The manuals I see note this model came out in 2008 and is 2.4GHz only with very dated features. kicks around the idea of buying a MODEM ONLY and well, it's hard to find and must be a model on your ISP's list.

I'm sorry but I had hoped for more details.

If I wanted to try something I would.
1. Set the DNS to the usual and as a test.
Nod to:

2. After the DNS tests and no change I'd try a WAP or a router as a WAP or better yet a powerline WiFi kit like (and let me be clear there are so many that this is just an example)

This will neatly supplant your DSL modem/router's WiFi system.

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