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WiFi enabled PDA not getting to the Net

By tchieng ·
Not sure where to post this, so I'll post it here since it's sort of like PC troubleshooting.

I have a Toshiba e740 PDA (Pocket PC 2002) with Wireless network capabilities. Anyhow, I've got it configured to connect to my network. I can ping the PDA (dhcp assigned) from my computer fine. The PDA shows itself connected to the Wireless network fine. However, I can't get out to the Internet for some reason. All I get is "Unable to connect with current settings. To change your connection settings, tap Settings." Well, I can't find anything in there to really configure, except to create a new "Work" setting profile and check "This network connects to the Internet". We don't use a proxy server so that box is not checked. I've also gone into the Adapters menu and changed the DNS and Wins address manually for the wireless adpater to no avail.

Somebody know what's going on here?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to WiFi enabled PDA not gett ...

Is the gateway the PDA is getting from the WiFi the correct gateway that will route to the Internet?
Also, can you hit internal web sites running on internal web servers?

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by tchieng In reply to

The gateway is correct. I cannot browse to our internal www server using the IP as the address. Is there a ping utility on the pocket PC world?

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by Mark In reply to WiFi enabled PDA not gett ...

Sounds like you need the gateway address in it. If you are using your PC, put it's IP in there. If you have a wirless access point, put the router address. If you are using the PC, enable Internet Sharing and it should configure this for you as well as DNS. It would be best to configure the Gateway and DNS in the DHCP Server. After configuring, try to ping the gateway, then try to ping past it. Also check these articles:

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by tchieng In reply to

The gateway IP is configured correctly. So that was not it. However, your first link helped. Thank you.

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by tchieng In reply to WiFi enabled PDA not gett ...

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